Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Tag: education

Can humanity repair its relationship with nature? Weaving Earth Education Center...

This all-ages education center reminds us that “we are a part of this earth, not apart from it.”

Sanders unveils billionaire plot to undermine US public education: $9 million...

A new report by Sen. Bernie Sanders exposes a well-funded campaign by right-wing billionaires to privatize public education and divert critical funds from public schools.

Legal battle looms as Louisiana mandates Ten Commandments in classrooms

Republican Governor Jeff Landry signed House Bill 71 into law, mandating that the Ten Commandments be displayed in "large, easily readable font" in public classrooms by the start of 2025.

Global surge in attacks on education: 6,000 incidents in two years

GCPEA report reveals escalating violence against schools and universities amid global conflicts.

120 countries have signed the Safe Schools Declaration. Sadly, the US...

Should the United States join the Safe Schools Declaration and support the global movement to protect education from attack?

Trump pledges to crush campus protests, deport Pro-Palestinian demonstrators, shocking donors

At a private donor event, Trump promises to expel student protesters and curb pro-Palestinian movements on campuses, revealing his hard-line stance.

Sanders and Senate Democrats push for strengthened student loan debt relief...

This effort, lauded as “historic” by Sanders and his colleagues, aims to provide significant financial relief to millions of Americans burdened by student debt.

Louisiana to allow tax dollars to pay for private schools in...

The LA GATOR Scholarship Program aims to introduce school vouchers, a controversial policy that has seen mixed results across the United States.

Tennessee’s bold move: Arming educators as a countermeasure to rising school...

The bill under scrutiny mandates that teachers wishing to carry concealed weapons undergo 40 hours of specialized training, alongside mental health evaluations and background checks.

Biden administration announces new plan to cancel student debt

The new plan is an effort to fulfill a promise that President Biden made as a candidate in 2020.


Biden withdraws from 2024 race, endorses Kamala Harris for historic nomination

In a historic move, President Joe Biden announces his withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race, endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris and reshaping the Democratic primary landscape.

Biden signs ADVANCE Act to boost nuclear power amid controversy over safety and regulation

President Biden’s signing of the ADVANCE Act aims to accelerate nuclear power development for clean energy and jobs, but critics warn of safety and regulatory issues.

What’s worse than a devouring, criminal president? A deified, raging outlaw excited by violence

Trumpism is not a slippery slope but a mountain avalanche on steroids.

Student loan payments paused amid legal battles over Biden’s debt relief plan

As legal challenges threaten President Biden’s student debt relief efforts, the administration pauses payments for millions, sparking reactions from advocates and opponents alike.

EPA’s $4.3 billion initiative to combat climate pollution across 30 states

The EPA’s announcement of $4.3 billion in funding for 25 projects aims to address climate pollution and advance environmental justice across 30 states, marking a significant step in the fight against climate change.