Monday, July 22, 2024

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Environmental groups protest outside Amazon on Prime Day demanding company strengthen...

The demonstration, which shut down Sixth Avenue, was led by environmental advocacy groups including and the Ship It Zero coalition, climate and community advocates.

Alaska federal court overturns oil lease sale in critical beluga whale...

The court found that the United States Department of the Interior had broken the law by failing to adequately consider the cumulative environmental impacts of the lease sale on endangered beluga whales.

‘Disconnection crisis’: Heatwaves and rising energy costs put low-income Americans at...

The report, released by EPC and NEADA, warns that many low-income people face the prospect of extreme heat inside their own homes.

Climate advocates sound alarm over JD Vance’s climate denial and corporate...

His stance shifted dramatically once he entered the political arena.

Governments resume debate on International Seabed Authority’s practice of seabed mining

The debate on the protection of the deep sea reaches the final agenda after being blocked by pro-mining countries last year.

How a 20th-century family planning agenda fueled the climate crisis

Broken child welfare policies have undermined political systems and destroyed the planetary ecosystem.

Global oil demand to peak next year, BP predicts

The report focused on two main forecast scenarios—Current Trajectory and Net Zero—and predicted that oil consumption will peak at approximately 102 million barrels a day in 2025.

2024 set to break heat records: Global average temperature surpasses 1.5°C...

New data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service reveals the longest stretch above the 1.5-degree threshold, signaling unprecedented climate change and urgent need for action.

Elders arrested protesting Citibank’s billions in fossil fuel financing amid record...

Dozens of senior climate activists, including co-founder Bill McKibben, arrested in New York City while highlighting Citibank’s leading role in financing fossil fuel projects amid worsening climate crisis.

The true catastrophe of our times

Or how to be destructive beyond compare


Biden withdraws from 2024 race, endorses Kamala Harris for historic nomination

In a historic move, President Joe Biden announces his withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race, endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris and reshaping the Democratic primary landscape.

Biden signs ADVANCE Act to boost nuclear power amid controversy over safety and regulation

President Biden’s signing of the ADVANCE Act aims to accelerate nuclear power development for clean energy and jobs, but critics warn of safety and regulatory issues.

Student loan payments paused amid legal battles over Biden’s debt relief plan

As legal challenges threaten President Biden’s student debt relief efforts, the administration pauses payments for millions, sparking reactions from advocates and opponents alike.

Escalation in Yemen: Israeli airstrikes and Houthi retaliations deepen regional conflict

A new front emerges in the Middle East as Israeli airstrikes target Yemen’s Hodeidah port following Houthi drone attacks on Tel Aviv, raising concerns of a broader regional conflict.

Who’s a bigger threat to democracy—immigrants, or billionaires?

Don’t be distracted by the anti-immigrant rhetoric this election. The real impact on democracy comes from moneyed elites.