Friday, May 14, 2021

Tag: fracking

Living near fracking wells is linked to higher rate of heart...

Fracking and the increased truck traffic created by the industry raise levels of air pollution significantly, and exposure to air pollution raises heart attack risk.

Struggling to make a profit, fracking investors are searching for the...

“Banks are losing money and investors are stuck in investments they can’t get rid of.”

California’s fracking ban fails in the Senate

While California is a major U.S. oil producer, urban democratic senators were hoping to change the state's course and take a lead on the climate crisis.

Appalachian fracking faces financial risks, report warns. Hopes for petrochemical plastics...

The associated petrochemical buildout that the region has pinned its hopes on as the future of natural gas is “unlikely,” the report states.

More than half a million people exposed to flaring, increased health...

Roughly 530,000 people live within three miles of an oil and gas flare.

Analysis: Some fracking companies are admitting shale was a bad bet—others...

Will the industry listen—or continue to gamble with shale gas and oil?

Investigation into chemical exposure from fracking in Pennsylvania provokes call for...

“Pennsylvania’s children should not be used as laboratory rats,” said biologist Sandra Steingraber, who called fracking “an uncontrolled human experiment” that involves “toxic exposures.”

Delaware River Basin Commission votes to ban fracking in historic victory

"Banning fracking in the Delaware River Basin is an historic event."

Appalachian fracking boom was a jobs bust, finds new report

“[P]olicymakers should look very critically at proposals to expand or otherwise assist the natural gas industry, which has yet to demonstrate that it is capable of contributing positively locally or on a large scale to the states and counties where it is most prevalent.”

Exclusive: Whistleblower accuses Exxon of ‘fraudulent’ behavior for overvaluing fracking assets...

“This is just a continuation of at least six years of fraudulent and defiant behavior by Exxon, which has slanted its accounting policies and skewed its impairment calculations to avoid necessary write downs of its oil & gas properties since at least 2014.”


The end of (inconvenient) protest?

Protest has been a tool that the left has used to force government action throughout the English speaking world.

Sound the alarms, McConnell and Manchin put roadblocks in front of Biden’s agenda

When will we hear our president tell us how he plans to get all this great legislation underway in a Senate that is filled with McConnell and Manchin roadblocks?

Biden administration plans an immediate ban on menthol cigarettes

Studies prove that such bans will help people quit smoking, especially those disproportionately affected by menthol cigarettes.

What America can learn from China—Lessons from the pandemic

While the China model cannot be transplanted to the West, there’s a lot that America can learn from China.

A pesticide linked to brain damage in children could finally be banned

A court has ruled that the EPA must ban the controversial pesticide chlorpyrifos—or prove its safety.