Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tag: Haiti

Nearly 800 organizations and individuals in the United States demand the...

“President Biden claims to care about racial equity but his actions in Haiti show the emptiness of that rhetoric.”

‘The Wuhan of the Americas’: US deports COVID-19-positive immigrants to Haiti...

Guatemala’s health minister, Hugo Monroy, has called the U.S. “the Wuhan of the Americas.”

In Haiti, Washington meddling missed by press

Haitian and foreign readers and viewers would be so much better served if corporate media could follow the advice of its own codes of ethics.

US turned away thousands of Haitian asylum-seekers and detained hundreds more...

When the U.S. detained Haitian refugees indefinitely, it set a precedent.


Trump or Biden on Israel?

It's no contest.

Sick of complaining – or enduring election terror? Join up: Write postcards, text, or...

Join up and help offset the latest plunge into crass absurdity.

Global nuclear spending surged to $2,898 a second in 2023 amid rising tensions

An in-depth look into the staggering increase in global nuclear weapons spending, its implications, and the call for disarmament.

Perfection no standard for re-election

Are we picking kings and queens,/ Or defending democratic dreams?

IRS targets basis shifting loophole to reclaim $50 billion from super rich

IRS crackdown on complex tax maneuvers is set to generate significant federal revenue by enforcing compliance among high-income taxpayers.