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Israel’s defiance of world court amid Gaza’s humanitarian crisis sparks global...

Amidst this backdrop of defiance and tragedy, global leaders are raising their voices against the continued aggression.

Global call for arms embargo on Israel gains limited US support

More than 200 lawmakers from 13 countries recently unified in an unprecedented statement, voicing their staunch opposition to their nations' arms exports to Israel.

US and its politicians defend Israel’s occupation and civilian casualties in...

As the international community awaits the ICJ's verdict, the U.S. position underscores the complex diplomatic landscape surrounding the Israeli occupation and the search for a sustainable peace solution.

ICJ scrutinizes Israeli occupation: A legal and humanitarian examination

With over 50 nations participating, the International Court of Justice delves into Israel's 57-year occupation of Palestine amid allegations of severe human rights abuses.

ICJ rules on allegations of genocide by Israel in historic decision

The International Court of Justice deems it "plausible" that Israel may be committing acts of genocide in Gaza, setting a precedent for international law and humanitarian intervention.

ICJ examines allegations of genocide in Gaza: South Africa’s accusations and...

In a groundbreaking legal battle at the International Court of Justice, South Africa accuses Israel of genocide in Gaza. Israel defends, citing self-defense and challenging the court's jurisdiction.

Apartheid is now genocide

Israel's ongoing military offensive in Gaza has raised serious allegations of genocide, sparking global outrage and legal actions. Explore the deepening crisis and the international response to these critical developments.

South Africa levels genocide accusations against Israel at ICJ

Israel's operations in Gaza under scrutiny as ICJ hears 'no innocents' claim.

Diplomatic tensions rise as Israel counters South Africa’s genocide accusations at...

Amidst tensions, Israel counters South Africa's genocide case at the ICJ. A high-stakes legal and diplomatic battle unfolds, with global implications for justice and human rights.

Coalition of “grassroots diplomats” take the lead on international solidarity with...

Global solidarity rises: activists spearhead campaign for justice in Gaza at International Court.


FAA Reauthorization Act’s stealth attack on student loan forgiveness

Inside the bill lies a clause that could effectively pilot a broader campaign against the cancellation of student debts, starting with those incurred for flight training and education.

The break-up?

Are the United States and Israel no longer friends?

Billionaire fortunes double in wake of Trump’s tax cuts

The report sheds light on the private equity sector, often criticized as "vulture capitalism," revealing that 45 private-equity billionaires alone have amassed a collective wealth of $210.8 billion.

Is it inflation? Or is it ‘greedflation?’

Inflation is dropping, but prices aren’t coming down. So how can this be?

There is only one spaceship Earth

This is how to free the world of genocide and ecocide.