Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Tag: North Korea

Trump vs. Kim Jong Un: Two loose cannons, a monumental nightmare...

Trump and his generals better be very careful before deciding to launch a pre-emptive strike.

Dangerous war in Korea brewing

Trump is the symptom of a much larger problem, a plutocratic government, which must be challenged by an independent movement.

Decapitating heads of state is a risky business

If Donald Trump actually gave a damn about “beautiful little babies,” he would not be contemplating an aerial assault on North Korea.

What does Kim Jong Un want?

It’s not too late to make a deal with North Korea. Ultimately, it’s what Pyongyang wants too.

Baiting the hermit kingdom: No change in North Korea policy under...

Diplomacy may take time and patience, but if policymakers would put as much faith into it as they do to the military solutions that we’ve seen fail time and again, we might see some progress in easing tensions in many of the world’s hotspots, including on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea: The cyberwar of all against all

They hack us. We hack them. It's a recipe for catastrophe.

Danger ahead: Trump, Pompeo, the Kochs and the end of diplomacy

Trump says he will rely on his advisors. He has to as he knows nothing about policy, the world, the working class he always goes on about, or government in general.

North Korea Confirms its First Hydrogen Nuclear Bomb Test

North Korean government has stated that the 5.1 magnitude quake event was a successful hydrogen nuclear bomb test.

Jailed for Speaking to the Press: How the Obama Admin Ruined...

After being accused of discussing classified documents on North Korea with a Fox News reporter, Stephen Kim was sentenced to 13 months in prison for violating the Espionage Act. Peter Maass, award-winning investigative journalist, discusses the case on Democracy Now.


The interminable, withering babble from today’s Tower of Babel

When the end is messianic, imperial, “destiny” or God’s will—human fabrications made into commandments—all civilized bets are off.

Biden wielding DNC to guard against Progressive challenge

"Just 34 percent of Americans describe Biden as honest and trustworthy -- a new low for his presidency."

Pfizer’s record-shattering $100 billion in revenue denounced as ‘sickening’

"A people-funded vaccine should be cheap and freely available."

99% of US coal plants cost more to run than replace with new renewables,...

“There’s a huge opportunity here to invest in coal communities, build local economic resilience and save money in the process.”

Four dark secrets about America

What America needs is a thorough transformation and a reset of the economic and political systems, which are now on dangerous and unsustainable paths.