Monday, September 26, 2022

Tag: Paris Climate Agreement

Trump withdraws U.S. from Paris climate accord; scientists respond

“This is the wrong decision for America and the planet on many levels.”

Dakota Access Pipeline begins service the same day Trump announces withdrawal...

This decision is not the first – nor will it likely be the last – from the Trump administration to move the United States backwards in climate action.

EPA reportedly helped Paris agreement opponents place op-eds in newspapers

Conservative op-eds argued wrongly that China and India are not taking action.

Trump delays Paris climate agreement

During his campaigning, Trump had assured supporters he would rip up the agreement if elected.

World holds on to Paris Climate Agreement despite U.S. threats

While the world remains hopeful that Trump won’t cancel America’s participation in the climate deal, last week’s gathering proved that the Paris accord won’t fall apart without the U.S.

From Europe to China to India, uncertainty and fear over Trump’s...

The E.U., China and other leading economies must share the brunt of the responsibility to tackle climate change.

The climate threat posed by right-wing populism’s rising tide

European nationalists are not excited about the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Pact might save the climate from Trump

Because of their leadership, the climate might be able to withstand what havoc Trump may wreak.

After Trump elected, nearly 200 nations proclaim “urgent duty” to implement...

This comes just over a week after the election of Donald Trump, who has vowed to pull the United states out of the Paris Agreement and has called climate change a Chinese-created hoax.

Radical Realism About Climate Change

If we fail, we should not be surprised if, just a few years from now, the planetary thermostat is under the control of a handful of states or military and scientific interests.


Nothing good or bad – but treason makes it so 

How can there be hocus pocus/ When all I did was mental focus?

The climate movement was built for a world before climate change—it’s time for a...

We need a mass movement that can deal with climate disasters by training people to both protect and mobilize their communities.

Fed rate hikes won’t tackle the corporate profiteering behind inflation, experts tell Congress

"Interest rate hikes... will not address any of the underlying causes of our supply shortages and do nothing to address profiteering."

‘Catastrophic’: Arizona judge allows 1864 abortion ban to go into effect

"No archaic law should dictate our reproductive freedom," said one rights advocate.

Connecting the dots between climate devastation and fossil fuel profits

As Pakistan drowns, as Puerto Rico is cast into darkness, and as Jacksonians remain thirsty, it’s past time for a climate tax on fossil fuel companies.