Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Tag: President Biden

‘All he has to do is sign’: Group crafts executive order...

"We have no other option but to fight for debt abolition and a society where everyone has the means to live."

Forests are crucial to combating climate change—will Biden rise to the...

Unsustainable logging by the forest products industry is driving massive carbon emissions.

Biden faces backlash over ‘shameful’ capitulation to GOP governors as they...

"Cutting off adequate supports to these workers to try to force them to take whatever job might be available is cruel."

As Biden marks 100 years since Tulsa Massacre, calls grow for...

We need something much more potent and much more substantial."

Tell Congress to pass a bold plan within the infrastructure bill...

It's time Congress makes firm commitments and landmark policies to have pollution-free transportation nationwide.

Biden proposes hiking taxes on richest Americans to fund universal pre-k,...

The president's tax plan—which omits an estate tax increase that he promised on the campaign trail—was devised to cover the cost of a significant expansion of the nation's tattered social safety net.

Biden’s industrial policy

Biden’s restructuring of the American economy is necessary.

Biden creates commission to study Supreme Court expansion, other reforms

"Congress has the power, and the constitutional duty, to set the size of the court, as it has seven times throughout our history."

Don’t let President Biden ‘make us the dupes of our hopes’

More than being a time of hope -- or fatalism -- the inauguration of President Joe Biden should be a time of skeptical realism and determination.


How Biden helped hard-liner Raisi win Iran election

President Biden's failure to quickly rejoin the nuclear agreement with Iran helped a hard-liner to win the presidential election and will leave us on a path toward war with Iran unless he promptly rejoins the JCPOA now.

Biden has a chance to oversee biggest river restoration project in US history

Removing four dams would promote salmon recovery, clean energy, agriculture and Indigenous rights.

Can we conquer our grand dynastic family fortunes?

We most certainly can. We have history on our side.

50 years later, end the War on Drugs

Nixon’s War on Drugs turned out to be a war on people. President Biden should end it once and for all.