Saturday, July 13, 2024

Tag: renewable energy

Global consensus: Majority support quick fossil fuel phaseout, even in top...

A new UNDP poll reveals overwhelming global support for a rapid transition to clean energy and stronger climate action, including in major fossil fuel-producing countries.

Renewable energy storage system to provide energy to Californians during peak...

The Nova Battery Bank will help California manage peak electricity demand more efficiently by storing excess energy generated during periods of low demand and then releasing it during peak demand times.

Navigating the energy transition: Renewables abound, but grid challenges loom

Renewable energy doesn’t matter if we can’t distribute it.

Increasing renewable energy use in the US brings billions in benefits,...

The United States’ increasing use of renewable energy has improved air quality and reduced the country’s greenhouse gas emissions while producing monetary benefits in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Renewable energy surpasses 30% of global electricity supply for first time...

According to Ember’s executive summary of the report, record solar and wind construction in 2023 means “a new era of falling fossil generation is imminent.”

UK sets new standard as renewables outpace fossil fuels in power...

For the first time, wind energy leads the charge in the UK's power grid, marking a pivotal shift towards cleaner, sustainable electricity amid global environmental concerns.

The Inflation Reduction Act: A quantum leap in US clean energy,...

As the nation charts its course towards a greener future, certain sectors, particularly hydrogen, geothermal, and nuclear energy, find themselves mired in regulatory and practical quandaries.

The critical missing piece from the US energy transition

Competition is meaningless, after all, if the prize is a dead place.

Biden administration fuels rural and tribal progress with $366 million green...

Biden's $366 million green energy initiative promises a sustainable future for rural and tribal communities, spotlighting the administration's dedication to equitable clean energy access.

The nuclear energy dilemma: Climate savior or existential threat?

Nuclear power has promise and peril, posing many challenging questions for environmentalists.


IRS reclaims over $1 billion from wealthy tax evaders in under a year

New IRS funding from the Inflation Reduction Act targets wealthy tax dodgers, reclaiming over $1 billion in unpaid taxes.

Only a despot-friendly Supreme Court, instead of reigning in WH crimes, opens the gates

The right’s ferocious war on the Constitution has now super-powered the executive, leaving Congress, the judiciary, regulators, and ordinary, law-abiding citizens in the lurch.

Two-thirds of Americans, including majority of Biden supporters, urge President to withdraw from 2024...

New poll reveals widespread belief that Biden should step aside, as Democrats consider alternatives.

Tariffs don’t protect jobs. Don’t be fooled.

When employees have become their own employers, they will make the quantities and qualities of a society’s jobs a key policy objective rather than a side-effect of policies focused elsewhere.

Inside China-focused Congressional hearings, panic, paranoia, and hypocrisy reign

China is not a threat because it’s threatening our security—China is a threat because it’s successful.