Friday, May 24, 2024

Tag: Republican Party

McConnell bows out: A legacy of controversy and strategic mastery

McConnell leaves behind a complex legacy shaped by his unwavering commitment to conservative judicial appointments and his adept maneuvering within the corridors of power.

Trump’s chaos agenda

Because that’s how he wins in 2024.

New Hampshire results leave Progressives up against the wall

Either Donald Trump or Joe Biden is headed for a second term.

Super PAC’s $500K boost for Haley in NH: A bid to...

In New Hampshire, a state known for its open primary system, this financial push is seen as a strategic move to bolster Haley’s visibility and appeal among independent voters.

Trump’s record win in Iowa: A resounding echo in American politics

Donald Trump's victory in Iowa was not just a win, but a sweeping triumph surpassing the previous record set by Bob Dole in 1988.

Could ‘sneaky, conniving’ Democrats help pump ‘Trump the Dictator’ surges after...

For now, it’s grin and bear it time, enduring one more round of crazed Trumpism until the zombie is declared dead and buried.

Congress divided on funding wars

But it's also united on a false linkage between Russia and Hamas.

The Big Fix sticks: nothing impedes Trumpist fealty to its endlessly...

Will ANY Trump crime or conviction, no matter how heinous or despicable, alienate backers who not only believe Trump is incapable of evil but also see him as the lone savior against countless enemies?

Republicans’ vision for America: Putin’s Russia

And unless we the people organize to stop them, their success will be inevitable.

Voting rights groups raise alarm about House GOP introducing ‘Big Lie...

The bill is being called "the most conservative election integrity bill to be seriously considered" in the U.S. House of Representatives in decades.


Smotrich proposes financial sanctions and settlement expansion in response to Palestinian state recognition

The far-right minister outlined six immediate steps to target the Palestinian Authority (PA) following the recognition by Spain, Norway, and Ireland.

House Democrats demand Justice Alito’s recusal from Trump cases over ‘ethical nightmare’

The Court’s ethical guidelines emphasize the importance of impartiality and the need for justices to avoid any appearance of political bias.

Trump backtracks on birth control stance amid growing reproductive rights battle

His comments suggested a possible shift towards state-level decision-making on birth control policies.

Activists arrested in Capitol Hill protest urging Biden to cancel student debt and divest...

The Debt Collective’s protest underscores the urgent need for student debt relief and a reevaluation of U.S. military spending.

Toxic gaslighting: How 3M executives convinced a scientist the forever chemicals she found in...

As the EPA now forces the removal of the chemicals from drinking water, Kris Hansen wrestles with the secrets that 3M kept from her and the world.