Monday, June 5, 2023

Tag: Republicans

The debt ceiling debacle is NOT a ‘partisan standoff’

Did Republicans alone manufactured this looming disaster?

Among the GOP’s debt ceiling hostages? Social Security payments for oldest...

"The choice facing the executive branch is clear: Act or default; act or increase the suffering of millions; act or go into economic tailspin."

GOP resolution to block student debt relief would have ‘ruinous impact,’...

"Taking back student debt relief already delivered to public service workers is reckless, cruel, unjust, and un-American."

Suicidal Rethugs gift Dems by reducing elections to absurdly simple choices:...

Dems should simply repeat, “Do you want Trump in charge when the next global disease event strikes”?

When do wary Dems take down the rightwing ‘terrorist front’ with...

Start by calling the Republican Party a terrorist organization, with unholy alliances to autocratic, racist extremism backing violent, fascist rule.

How to stop Republicans from tanking the economy over the debt...

If Republicans are going to play this game, Mr. President, you need to play hard ball.

The Tennessee 3 and the GOP war on democracy itself

This is a quick analysis of the premeditated treasonous attack on liberal democracy sponsored by the GOP.  

What’s really behind Republicans’ mounting transphobia?

And why all of us must speak out against it.

Not a green bone in their white bodies

Connecting anti-immigrant and racist ideas via population growth to environmental degradation is nothing new.

How Republicans are stepping closer to fascism

Authoritarianism is not just an external threat. It’s right here in America.



The Hard Hat Riot: A forgotten flashpoint in America’s culture wars

The Hard Hat Riot had immediate political consequences—a seminal  moment in America’s culture wars.

The compulsion to intervene

Americans profess to care about the sacrifices of those who serve the nation in uniform. Why don’t we care enough to keep them from harm in the first place?

Trump’s repeat “birthright citizenship” babble: Dead wrong on the facts, the law and amendments

Trump’s latest scam again pushes the envelope to find new ways for this loser to lose again.

Like tobacco and Big Oil, secret docs show chemical companies knew PFAS dangers

"The industry used several strategies that have been shown common to tobacco, pharmaceutical, and other industries to influence science and regulation—most notably, suppressing unfavorable research and distorting public discourse."

This Pride month let’s remember: corporations are not allies

The Target company’s capitulation to homophobes and transphobes is a testament to the dangers of relying on corporations to uphold social justice.