Thursday, September 28, 2023

Tag: Republicans

Self-indicted by unpatriotic hate speech, witless right hypocrites slur Dems for...

The first national party to run "for the American presidency by running against the Constitution and the rule of law."

2024 presidential election poses new tests for guardians and guardrails of...

Despite many accomplishments by officials and defenders since 2020, Trump’s return revives election deceptions and distrust as GOP loyalty tests.

House GOP panel releases budget that would ‘destroy Social Security as...

"The largest group of House Republicans just released a budget that calls for massive tax cuts for the super-rich and raising the Social Security retirement age, a benefit cut for millions of Americans."

The GOP’s attack on LGBTQ Americans, revealed

The tragic truth is that Don’t Say Gay Laws and health care bans will cause more young lives to be needlessly lost.

‘Tax scam’: Republicans follow debt ceiling fight by proposing tax cuts...

"If House Republicans were actually serious about the deficit, they would demand wealthy corporations pay their fair share in taxes," one advocate said.

Conspiring House wackos bottom-fish with stunt Trumpism

Don’t impeach after just losing a vote – / Though so much losing must get your goat.

The debt ceiling debacle is NOT a ‘partisan standoff’

Did Republicans alone manufactured this looming disaster?

Among the GOP’s debt ceiling hostages? Social Security payments for oldest...

"The choice facing the executive branch is clear: Act or default; act or increase the suffering of millions; act or go into economic tailspin."

GOP resolution to block student debt relief would have ‘ruinous impact,’...

"Taking back student debt relief already delivered to public service workers is reckless, cruel, unjust, and un-American."

Suicidal Rethugs gift Dems by reducing elections to absurdly simple choices:...

Dems should simply repeat, “Do you want Trump in charge when the next global disease event strikes”?


Global leaders plead for peace in Ukraine at UN

Altogether, leaders from at least 50 countries spoke up for peace in Ukraine at the 2023 UN General Assembly.

Supreme Court could trigger hundreds of billions in corporate tax cuts ‘with the stroke...

"The Roberts Court could decide with the stroke of a pen to simultaneously forgive big business decades of tax dues."

Elected Democrats are conformist enablers of Biden for 2024

Alarm bells among pro-Biden pundits have finally begun to break the political sound barrier. So why is it quiet on Capitol Hill on the Democratic front?

Climate campaigners decry ‘absolutely horrendous’ brutality against protesters at fed summit

"We have no choice but to take direct action to put our bodies on the line because petitions, sign-waving, and chanting—we tried that for the past 50 years and it hasn't worked, and we're out of time," said one arrested activist.

Missouri set to execute Marcellus Williams despite DNA evidence proving innocence—again

Unless we reform this corrupt system, racist politicians will be rewarded with higher political offices–for–”frying a black man.”