Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Tag: Ukraine

The enemy is us

Looking back, the desire to make war and obliterate our “enemies” is a deeply ingrained and repetitive pattern in our history.

Ukraine, double standards, and escalation management

The United States' restrictions on Ukrainian actions and its double standards vis a vis Israel are undermining international law.

Europe braces for the next Ukraine

If both the European Union and the United States—increasingly dominated by far-right politicians—allow Bosnia to fall apart, that will send a strong signal to Russia about the likely fate of Ukraine.

Ukraine, Israel, and the incoherence of US foreign policy

The legislation that emerges from the U.S. Congress is often as ugly and unappetizing as the process that created it.

A slow-motion World War III?

In 2024, as chaos blooms on the American political scene, the world itself continues to be remarkably at war—think of “war,” in fact, as humanity’s middle name.

Are we stumbling into World War III in Ukraine?

The billion dollar weapons package for Ukraine “will put Ukraine at risk, Europe at risk, the free world at risk.”

Living on the wrong world

Is a planetary cease fire desperately needed?

After two years of war in Ukraine, it’s time for peace

The two years of war in Ukraine that have resulted from the U.S. decision to block the neutrality agreement negotiated between Russia and Ukraine in March 2022 in favor of a long war with Russia.

Trump allies plot to take over the European Union

Orbán is counting on a new crop of sympathetic leaders to advance his arch-conservative social agenda and efforts to cut Ukraine loose.

How the US has darkened the nuclear cloud over humanity

A nuclear conflagration is plausible via any one of numerous scenarios.


Trump attempting to recalibrate campaign after Harris becomes Democratic nominee

With Vice President Kamala Harris now the presumptive Democratic nominee, Trump and his campaign face new challenges in the race to the 2024 election.

Mass arrests at Jewish-led protest in US House Building ahead of Netanyahu speech

Hundreds, including rabbis, detained while protesting U.S. support for Israel’s Gaza offensive and Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress.

Sanders urges Harris to champion working-class agenda amid 2024 campaign

As labor unions and advocacy groups rally around Vice President Harris, Senator Sanders emphasizes the need for a strong working-class focus in her 2024 campaign.

What’s worse than a devouring, criminal president? A deified, raging outlaw excited by violence

Trumpism is not a slippery slope but a mountain avalanche on steroids.

Biden-Harris administration’s bold plan to phase out single-use plastics across federal agencies

The Biden-Harris administration has announced significant commitments to eliminate single-use plastics from federal operations by 2035, with interim goals set for 2027, marking a crucial step in tackling the plastic pollution crisis.