Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Tag: Wal-Mart

This small town refused to settle for Wal-Mart when its last...

After four years without an independent grocery store, the residents of Iola, Kansas, found a way to bring one back.

Victory for Walmart Employees: $224 Million Awarded for Stolen Lunch Breaks

Walmart faces another lawsuit loss, awarding $224 million to employees that were forced to work through lunch breaks.


Does Elon Musk have a right to destroy Twitter?

Do we really think that the super-wealthy should be allowed to control so much wealth and wield so much influence?

Why does our skin wrinkle in water?

Mark Changizi’s study offers a scientific and anthropological explanation for a phenomenon many take for granted.

Satellites detect no real climate benefit from 10 years of forest carbon offsets in California

Without improvements to the current system, we may be underestimating our net emissions, contributing to the profits of large emitters and landowners and distracting from the real solutions of transitioning to a clean-energy economy.

U.S. Department of Justice sues city of Jackson over water crisis

“Every American — regardless of where they live, their income, or the color of their skin — deserves access to safe, reliable drinking water.”

Hype about Democrats passing the torch: Don’t get fooled again

While Pelosi quickly endorsed Rep. Hakeem Jeffries to replace her as leader, an overall closer look reveals a problematic record.