Friday, March 24, 2023

Tag: Wal-Mart

This small town refused to settle for Wal-Mart when its last...

After four years without an independent grocery store, the residents of Iola, Kansas, found a way to bring one back.

Victory for Walmart Employees: $224 Million Awarded for Stolen Lunch Breaks

Walmart faces another lawsuit loss, awarding $224 million to employees that were forced to work through lunch breaks.


Is Trump so desperate he’d risk getting shot to regain the White House? Without...

How can Trump end up looking like the dumbest, lyingest punk operative who ever escaped from the sneaky Naked City?

Fifth annual assessment of air pollution ranks cities, nations and regions around the world

The study confirmed that only six countries met the World Health Organization’s (WHO) updated safe levels of the deadly air pollutant, particulate matter (PM) 2.5.

Cancer patients challenge Biden admin’s refusal to lower price of lifesaving drug

“This is a drug that was invented with taxpayer dollars by scientists at UCLA and can be purchased in Canada for one-fifth the U.S. price."

What red state vs. blue state looks like to an ant

Signs of decline and decay are all around us, behind the glitter and the glitz. 

Biden administration unveils nation’s first Ocean Climate Action Plan

“This Ocean Climate Action Plan is the first comprehensive approach that the U.S. has taken to leveraging the power of the ocean in the fight against climate change.”