Thursday, December 8, 2022

Tag: women in politics

Women play a critical role in diplomacy and security, so why...

The benefits of increasing the numbers of women in foreign policy and security cannot be overstated.

The Trump effect, one year later: Thousands of women running for...

After Trump’s victory over Clinton, women realized how much the country needs them in politics.

Seven Women Who Broke Glass Ceilings in U.S. Politics Before Hillary...

It is a great moment for women’s rights in the US. But Hillary Clinton is not the first to break the glass ceiling for women in U.S. politics.

Welcome to the Party, America! Here Are 11 Muslim Women Who...

There isn’t any doubt that the US has lagged behind the rest of the world on gender equality in politics.


Biden wants to prevent a strong primary challenge. He shouldn’t get away with it.

A president is not a party’s king, and he has no automatic right to renomination.

Former Superfund Site becomes largest landfill solar farm in North America

The project is just one example of an innovative trend turning symptoms of throwaway culture into sites for generating renewable energy. 

We just can’t wait for world leaders to fix our broken food system

When global leaders won’t save our food system, cities take the lead.

Tax the rich? We did that once

A little history might just inspire us to try that taxing again.

Ultimate rightwing transgression: the mockery of politics as a preposterous joke 

The Big Lie is "yoked to an older deception, without which it could not survive: the idea that American politics is a joke," attackable without consequences.