Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Youth challenge 32 European nations in ‘truly historic’ climate trial

Lawyers representing six Portuguese young people said the youth were being discriminated against by state inaction in cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the effects of which have been “foreseeable for decades.” 

Montana youth activists win historic climate change lawsuit

This ruling “may inspire similar lawsuits around the world.”

‘Watershed moment:’ Montana rules youth have constitutional right to healthy climate

A judge in Montana has ruled in favor of a group of young people who had sued the state for violating their constitutional rights as it pushed policies that encouraged the use of fossil fuels.

How suing the US government can empower the climate movement

A Q+A about the historical significance of the Juliana v. United States case and the challenges of climate activism in Alaska. 

US government urges court to dismiss federal youth climate lawsuit

The DOJ under the Biden administration appears to be resuming the fight against the 21 youth plaintiffs who are seeking to force the U.S. government to face trial and answer to their evidence of climate science.

Historic first US youth climate change trial starts in Montana

They argue are destroying the environment, making the climate crisis worse and robbing them and other young residents of their futures.

Court hears appeal in Canadian youth climate lawsuit

The case requests a court order declaring the government’s conduct as unconstitutional and mandating the government implement a science-based climate recovery plan to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions according to its fair share.

New youth climate lawsuit launched against UK government on five year...

“If the wave of litigation and mobilization becomes a tidal wave, from South to North and across the generations, then governments will have no option but to listen.”

Australian teens bring class action climate lawsuit to stop coal mine...

“I believe that the government has a duty to young people to protect our futures from the impacts of climate change, including stopping the impact of the Vickery Extension Project.”


Democrats divided: Historic opposition to $26 billion military aid package for Israel amid Gaza...

A record 40 House Democrats have voted against a controversial bill, citing concerns over the impact of military operations on children in Gaza.

Doesn’t the forever Scoundrel-in-chief expose Trumpism as rank, deviant criminality?

The main “freedom” sought by this scam freedom fighter (and lackeys) is to commit more crimes.

Senators unveil landmark bill to ban junk food ads aimed at kids amid rising...

Senators Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Peter Welch propose the Childhood Diabetes Reduction Act, targeting junk food advertisements to combat the escalating diabetes and obesity epidemic among children.

New bill expands warrantless spying amid widespread criticism

The U.S. Senate has approved a significant expansion of government surveillance powers, raising alarms over potential violations of civil liberties.

The Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale Act and the battle against government spying

The FANFSA, passed with a 219-199 vote, garnered support from both sides of the aisle, with 96 Democrats and 123 Republicans backing the bill.