Government and Corporate America: A Marriage Made in Hell


The people of America have been very slow in waking up to the reality that they are now living in a country with a new form of government; one which could be called a corporate state; where the power that once was vested in the people of America under the Constitution is now is held by massive U.S. global corporations and the rich and powerful in America and with, I might add, the more than willing acceptance and participation of our current government.

Some marriages are said to have been made in heaven, but not this one which had to be made in hell.

There are certain chemicals or household products that should never be mixed. For example, oil and water, as everyone knows, should never be mixed. Then there is ammonia and bleach that, if mixed, will create a highly toxic gas that can kill a person. And lastly, in a slightly different vein, we have religion and government that, if mixed, will most certainly result in the corruption of both.

And when we talk about things that should never, ever be combined it is, without a doubt, government and Corporatism, the latter of which I see as being the contamination  of capitalism. That’s a combination that is not just toxic but has the power to eventually do irreparable damage to this country.

Now why do I say that these two entities should never be mixed; and what is so bad about combing the functions of government and the objectives of the corporate world? How could it possibly damage this country? Well, let me count the ways.

Why does Congress continue to refuse to work with the business sector to create millions of new jobs for Americans which would benefit both this country and its people; jobs that would result from the development of solar power and other forms of alternate energy; jobs that would evolve from the initiation of a long overdue, critically important program to repair and improve our national infrastructure which is literally falling apart?

Why exactly does this Congress refuse to address job creation? Well, it’s because the masters of Corporatism want nothing to do with job creation. They want nothing to do with the American worker; they have sworn allegiance to China, India, Bangladesh and numerous other countries and their workers who will work for a pittance. U.S. corporations look at American workers as a poisonous substance that needs to be exterminated and they are doing just that.

Why doesn’t this Congress and the White House comprehend that it’s time to scale back the bloated, massive U.S. military empire to reasonable levels; that would still make America safe and secure and would free up hundreds of billions of funding so badly needed for critically important domestic needs? Why? It’s simply because Corporate America, which includes the ultra-powerful Military-Industrial Complex, has no intention of ever allowing this government to reduce the military spending that generates monumental, obscene profits for defense industry corporations.

In this next presidential election coming up in 2016 it’s being reported that we will see a record infusion of corporate campaign contributions. This article indicates that super-Pacs and other powerful political groups could are planning to spend up to $5 billion on controlling the outcome of this election. And the billionaire Koch brothers will spend whatever they need to in order to elect those they want in Congress to promote their interests.

That’s what happens when we mix government and corporate interests. We have watched as the election process in this country has been totally contaminated by those who possess the most power, influence and money. The members of this Congress and every one of the presidential candidates know full well that they must bend to the dictates of those who control these elections or their careers as politicians will come to an abrupt end.

Now when we’re talking about this strong alliance between the government and Corporate America, there is a third party who acts as their mouthpiece; one who takes what they say and repeats it to the American people without ever questioning or debating it’s truth and validity. And that is the MSM, commonly known as the mainstream media that does not have a clue about what the term “objective journalism” is all about.

This media is a wholly owned and controlled subsidiary of the corporations of America; the corporations have the power and the money and the MSM is the vehicle they use to get their message to the American people. And so the American people, during these elections, are bombarded with endless political commercials specifically designed to promote favored candidates and destroy their opponents. Once we believed in the concept of having the “best candidate win.” But now that’s been changed to having the candidate with the most corporate money win; those who can generate the most corporate money will prevail.

You might think that the members of this Congress would, at some point, come to the realization that they have become no more than indentured servants of this new corporate state and decide that they will end their subservience and groveling at the feet of their corporate masters. However, to think that something like that would take place in American politics is totally far-fetched.

Is America destined to remain in this current condition whereby this unholy alliance between government and the corporate sector are directing the direction that this country is taking? Can we see any change in the offing when we think about this $5 billion in corporate campaign contributions being readied for the 2016 elections to elect corporate-controlled politicians?

Even if a growing number of Americans see politicians with the character and conviction of those like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders try to ignite a populist movement to return the control of this government to the people, it would take some sort of miracle to bring it about. It would take the mass of the American people to rise up and join this movement, totally refusing to be controlled by those in charge of this corporate state.

By all appearances what we have here is a situation in which the vast majority of Americans, nearly 320 million, have been completely stripped of the power that they once possessed and have more or less become hostages of this consortium of the government, the masters of Corporatism and their lapdog mouthpieces, the mainstream media. And so, what we need to see is a very nasty, ugly divorce take place to break up this unholy alliance; call it a divorce made in hell.

Will that ever happen? Well, sometimes miracles do happen when we least expect them.


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