Former Police Officer Faces More than 260 Years in Prison


Daniel Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City police officer was found guilty of 18 charges, including first-degree rape.

Holtzclaw’s case has received a lot of attention due to all 13 of his accusers being African American women. The youngest was 17, the oldest was a grandmother. The grandmother (whose name is not released out of respect for the victims’ privacy) was the one who helped launch the investigation. Law enforcement officials using their badge to intimidate minority women is a national issue.

If the judge orders his sentences to be served consecutively Holtzclaw is looking at life in prison, since his charges add up to 263 years. He was found guilty of rape, sexual battery, and other abuse charges. Although 13 women testified against him, the charges he was convicted on were only related to eight of them.

Holtzclaw suffered an emotional outburst after his conviction and is now under 24-hour watch in jail.

Many of the victims chose to speak out at a press conference following the verdict:


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