WATCH: John Oliver Blasts Republicans for Failing to do Their Job


John Oliver returned this week and immediately blasted the GOP for their inability to fill the vacant spot in SCOTUS:

“There is now a huge vacancy on the Supreme Court that needs to be filled, or if you listened to the Republicans in the last 24 hours — not.”

Oliver specifically calls out Mitch McConnell, who stated immediately after news broke of Scalia’s death that “this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new President” by saying that “Mitch McConnell is actually pretty good at delaying things for people—whether it’s legislation, court appointments, or orgasms.”

Oliver shows several clips of GOP politicians discussing the need for a “delay” in filling the vacant spot.

And of course, Oliver has to point out the hypocrisy on Mitch McConnell’s part. McConnell plans to invoke the Strom Thurmond Rule, which is an unwritten rule stating that Presidents can’t nominate Supreme Court Justices in the last six months of their terms. The first problem with this is that President Obama still has well over six months left in his term. The second is that McConnell openly mocked this same “rule” when the Democratic party used it against President Bush.

You can watch the full segment in the video above.


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