Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Connecticut Ends Veteran Homelessness

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Governor of Connecticut, Daniel P. Malloy, announced this week that Connecticut has officially ended Veteran homelessness. They have received special certification from the federal government stating so.

Connecticut was the first state in the nation to end chronic homelessness among veterans in August of 2015. Chronic homelessness in this case is defined as “an individual with a disability who has been homeless for a period of at least one year or has experienced four separate episodes of homelessness in the past three years.”

The state was part of a coalition of states that signed the Zero:2016 initiative, their goal being to end chronic homelessness by the end of 2016. Connecticut has worked hard putting major investments in housing to make sure that all homeless veterans are either housed or on the path to permanent housing. Governor Malloy said:

“We’ve committed $1 billion to get housing built, including many, many affordable units. Eleven thousand committed to last year alone; over 16,000 committed to in the last few years; these units are coming online.”

Although this doesn’t mean the state will never see another homeless veteran, they have built a system in which they are able to easily house them quickly. Most veterans can be provided with temporary housing within 30 days and permanent housing within 60 days.

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Connecticut is the second state to end veteran homelessness. Virginia was the first state to do so in November of 2015.

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