Thursday, February 22, 2024

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Kentucky unleashes fury with bill to legalize deadly force against unhoused

A controversial bill in Kentucky aims to criminalize homelessness and expand 'Stand Your Ground' laws, sparking widespread criticism for its approach to a growing social issue.

Escalating crisis: A deep dive into America’s surging homelessness rates

Homelessness is a nationwide issue, but its impact varies significantly across states.

Jeff Bezos’ housing hypocrisy: Millions to fight homelessness, more to fuel...

While Jeff Bezos donates to fight homelessness, his investment in single-family homes raises alarms about exacerbating the housing crisis.

Sky-high US housing costs fuel record surge in homelessness

"The COVID relief funds provided a buffer. We're seeing what happens when those resources aren't available."

The rise of private cops: How not to tackle homelessness

Like many cities with a serious housing problem, Portland is increasingly relying on private security to “clean up” the human debris of capitalism.

Democrats propose $300 billion investment to treat housing as human right

"The crisis of housing instability is one that can be fixed by investing in housing infrastructure and supportive services for vulnerable communities."

Empty tables

Food is certainly plentiful in the United States. And yet enough of it never reaches the tables of those who struggle to make ends meet.

Biden unveils plan to reduce homelessness 25% by 2025

"The fundamental solution to homelessness is housing," says the White House roadmap. "When a person is housed, they have a platform to address all their needs, no matter how complex."

Challenges homeless people face in getting jobs

All too often, homeless persons are unfairly blamed for their plight.

‘You only get what you’re organized to take’—lessons from the National...

“You can’t talk about the problems of poverty — the pain of it, the daily struggles to survive, the plight, the fight and the insight — without involving the newly emerging leaders from the growing ranks of the poor.”


UN aid convoy attacked by Israeli Navy in Gaza, jeopardizing humanitarian efforts

This incident not only disrupts the flow of crucial aid, but also casts a long shadow over the ethical obligations and legal frameworks governing conflict zones.

Biden administration’s EV policy shift: A step back for climate action

This potential policy shift, seen as a nod to automakers and labor unions, is stirring controversy amid the escalating climate crisis, marked by last year's record-breaking global temperatures.

Record-breaking 459,000 workers strike in 2023: US labor movement hits 23-year high

the nation saw 33 major work stoppages initiated last year, the highest count since the year 2000, which recorded 39 stoppages.

After two years of war in Ukraine, it’s time for peace

The two years of war in Ukraine that have resulted from the U.S. decision to block the neutrality agreement negotiated between Russia and Ukraine in March 2022 in favor of a long war with Russia.

A new chapter in Wisconsin politics: Ending gerrymandering

The gerrymandered districts had long been a point of contention, with numerous legal experts deeming Wisconsin one of the most gerrymandered states in the nation.