Friday, December 6, 2019

WATCH: Sanders joined by Naomi Klein and Sunrise Movement at Climate Crisis Summit in...

"Bernie's leadership on climate is set to be particularly critical to his Iowa campaign, because the state has already been so battered by climate change."

Police officer charged after shooting at unarmed couple

“Police accountability will not exist until every level of government works to prevent police violence and to hold police employees responsible each time they hurt or kill someone.”

Senate committee would underfund health, job training, education programs

The Senate Appropriations Committee proposes to cut 2020 funding for the departments of Labor, Health and Human Services (HHS), and Education by $2.7 billion below the...

Fighting corruption must be our focus in 2020

The future of the nation and the planet is at stake.

Why women’s climate leadership is vital

Women’s leadership won’t be a panacea for the overwhelming whiteness of climate leadership, but it’s a starting place.

Air pollution can cross the placenta, reach the fetus, in human pregnancies

"This is the most vulnerable period of life. All the organ systems are in development. For the protection of future generations, we have to reduce exposure."

“We will be invisible no more”: Seattle leads the way in seeking justice for...

“This is just the beginning and our very first step in making sure that when we lose our women and children, somebody will be there to go look for them.”

Sanders unveils plan to end cash bail, ban private prisons, and ‘fundamentally transform’ US...

"If we stand together, we can eliminate private prisons and detention centers. No more profiteering from locking people up."

‘Christian left’ is reviving in America, appalled by treatment of migrants

Religiously based moral outrage at Trump’s immigration policies seems to be spurring some long-overdue rethinking of what it means to be Christian in America.

CNN’s industry spin shows need for independent debates

CNN painfully demonstrated this week why we need independently-run presidential debates. With its ESPN-like introductions to the candidates, and its insistence on questions that...