Monday, February 26, 2024

Expert warns: Gaza faces unprecedented famine in decades as Israel tightens grip

Experts alarm over the rapid deterioration of life in Gaza, citing Israel's stringent blockade as a catalyst for a famine crisis unseen in modern history.

Navigating election security: federal agencies at a crossroads

In a dimly lit Situation Room, the fate of U.S. election integrity hangs in the balance. Federal officials are at a crossroads, navigating the murky waters of AI threats and potential violence.

GOP governors rally behind Texas in Supreme Court border dispute

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, backed by 25 GOP governors, maintains razor wire barriers at Eagle Pass, igniting a national debate on border security and state sovereignty.

Kentucky unleashes fury with bill to legalize deadly force against unhoused

A controversial bill in Kentucky aims to criminalize homelessness and expand 'Stand Your Ground' laws, sparking widespread criticism for its approach to a growing social issue.

Tragedy at the border: The fatal consequences of Texas’ immigration policies

Exploring the controversial operations of Texas National Guard and the heartbreaking drowning of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Apartheid is now genocide

Israel's ongoing military offensive in Gaza has raised serious allegations of genocide, sparking global outrage and legal actions. Explore the deepening crisis and the international response to these critical developments.

Secret recording shows NRA treasurer plotting to conceal extravagant expenses involving Wayne LaPierre

Audio obtained by The Trace and ProPublica reveals, in real time, the gun lobbying group enacting a plan that would conceal payments for fancy hotels, limousines and other luxury expenses connected to its longtime CEO for a decade.

$7.8 million from foreign governments: Trump’s unprecedented earnings in office raise constitutional questions

Exposing the ties: uncovering Trump's multi-million dollar deals with foreign states during presidency.

Seniors grapple with complex Medicare choices: A healthcare quandary unveiled

Discover the hidden struggles of seniors navigating the Medicare labyrinth, where choices can lead to unforeseen healthcare hurdles.

Maine, Colorado officials face threats after Trump barred from ballots

Following Trump's potential exclusion from 2024 ballots in Maine and Colorado, election officials face unprecedented threats, spotlighting the fragile state of U.S. democracy and the perilous path of political discourse.