Monday, August 2, 2021

To honor John Lewis, progressives say, ‘end the filibuster’ and pass voting rights legislation

"Abolishing the filibuster to secure the right to vote for everyone is how we must protect his legacy."

Our billionaires are blasting off. Good riddance!

We don’t need billionaires out to “conquer space.” We need to conquer inequality.

Study: Financial markets ignore environmental damage

Credit-rating agencies say they can discipline companies that behave badly, and they have in some cases, but research reveals negligible progress.

America’s drug wars

Fifty years of reinforcing racism.

Billions in fishing subsidies finance social, ecological harm, report finds

“There is urgency now, because even if we take action now, we still have some more years before we start to see the full impact of the agreement, and it also takes years for those overexploited fisheries to come back.”

GMOs: Everything you need to know

What they are, where you can find them and should you eat them?

As Biden backslides, a bigger, better-organized climate movement prepares to seize this ‘now or...

“We’re not just marching in the streets, although we’re doing that. We’re lobbying and advocating for meaningful climate actions on the Hill."

Few cops we found using force on George Floyd protesters are known to have...

ProPublica compiled 68 videos that seemed to show officers using disproportionate force on protesters. A year later, police have disclosed discipline for a total of 10 officers.

Building the world back better?

Instead of consigning China to the doghouse, why not create one big Green reconstruction team?

There’s no ‘labor shortage.’ there’s a wage shortage.

Congress ought to be listening to actual workers explain why they’re not rushing back to the jobs being offered by restaurant chains and such.