Friday, July 3, 2020

Trump administration buys up nearly all the world’s supply of coronavirus drug remdesivir

Remdesivir was the first drug to be approved by U.S. licensing authorities to treat the new coronavirus.

Will the death of George Floyd mark the rebirth of America?

A man forced to die with his face pressed to the ground may yet shift the earth under your feet.

Congress introduces EARN IT Act, which would end encryption programs but violates the Constitution

“EARN IT is anti-speech, anti-security, and anti-innovation. Congress must reject it.”

Federal court reverses EPA approval of crop-harming dicamba

“Today’s decision is a massive win for farmers and the environment. It is good to be reminded that corporations like Monsanto and the Trump Administration cannot escape the rule of law.”

The pandemic is an opportunity for major change—we need to get ready to come...

Our opponents try to maximize their profits through shake-ups like this one, pouring time and energy into learning how to use their opportunity. We can also increase our learning curve as rapidly as possible.

100+ lawmakers demand moratorium on utility shutoffs to ensure access to services ‘essential to...

“There is absolutely no excuse left for Congress to exclude basic human needs from the next coronavirus stimulus package, or in general,” said Food & Water Action’s Rianna Eckel.

“Courage never quits”?

The price of power and west point’s class of 1986.

We need a people’s response to coronavirus—and the Sanders campaign is uniquely poised to...

Our political revolution has an incredible opportunity because of our infrastructure, culture and leadership to seize this moment.

Trump’s new spy chief used to work for a foreign politician the US accused...

Richard Grenell did not disclose payments for advocacy work on behalf of a Moldovan politician whom the U.S. later accused of corruption. His own office’s policy says that could leave him vulnerable to blackmail.