In Bed with a Nation-Wrecker: 5 Ways Hillary Is As Bad As Bill


In 1996 Bill Clinton referred to the U.S. as “the world’s greatest force for peace and freedom, for democracy and security and prosperity.”

For PEACE he cluster-bombed civilians in Yugoslavia, wiped out a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan, and stood by as Iraqi sanctions and Rwandan genocide killed hundreds of thousands of people.

For FREEDOM he oversaw the largest increase in prison population in U.S. history, with the great majority of prisoners in for nonviolent drug offenses, and with more people working in criminal justice than in social services.

For DEMOCRACY he backed NAFTA, which allowed corporations to undermine local governments with lawsuits against public health and environmental and food safety laws.

For SECURITY he dismantled the safety net for families with children, leading to a dramatic increase in extreme poverty in the U.S.

For PROSPERITY he invited mortgage failure by repealing the Glass-Steagall Act and deregulating derivatives, and he made CEOs more prosperous by making their “performance” pay tax-deductible.

Hillary on PEACE (Peace is War)

Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, an advisor to the United Nations, called Hillary “the candidate of the War Machine,” adding that “Perhaps more than any other person, Hillary can lay claim to having stoked the violence that stretches from West Africa to Central Asia and that threatens US security.”

In her book, “Hillary’s Choice,” author Gail Sheehy claimed it was Hillary who encouraged the president to bomb Kosovo. Then, as Secretary of State in 2011, she strongly supported war in Libya, a country which today is overwhelmed with crime and joblessness and a lack of basic necessities. In 2012, according to Sachs, she was largely responsible for the obstruction of peace efforts in Syria.

Hillary on FREEDOM (that is, Prison)

Michelle Alexander notes that Hillary called black kids “super-predators” who needed to be brought “to heel,” like dogs. To do this, she supported her husband’s 1994 crime bill, which was so severe that food stamps were denied to anyone convicted of a felony drug offense, and public housing was disallowed — at the risk of eviction for entire families — for anyone with even an arrest.

The fact that the African American community is backing Hillary tells us that the media is not spreading the word about this disgraceful part of her past.

Hillary on DEMOCRACY (that is, Free Trade)

Free trade agreements stymie democracy by placing corporate interests over the needs of local governments. Hillary was for NAFTA, and then against CAFTA, and both for and against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which she once called the “gold standard in trade agreements.” According to one account, she has “a long record of verbally criticizing free-trade agreements, but then supporting them when in office.”

In another assault on democracy, in Honduras in 2009, Hillary thwarted efforts to return democratically-elected president Manuel Zelaya to his rightful position of President after a military coup. The aftermath was a country riddled with poverty, crime, and military abuses, along with damaged U.S. relations with Latin America.

Hillary on SECURITY (that is, the Safety Net)

Hillary actively advocated for her husband’s 1996 “welfare reform” legislation, calling the recipients of Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) “deadbeats,” and despite a doubling of extreme poverty calling the program a success as recently as 2008.

Due in large part to her urging, public housing was slashed by $17 billion while prison funding was increased by $19 billion, thus making the prison cell ‘home’ for low-income drug offenders. Recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) fell from 68 percent of impoverished households to just 27 percent.

Hillary on PROSPERITY (that is, for Banks)

In the two years before starting her presidential campaign, Hillary was paid over $4 million in speaking fees from the big financial institutions. After her campaign was underway, she proclaimed, “I’m going to go after big banks.”

Hillary should be instilling fear and apprehension in average Americans. In the same deceptive, cunning manner as her husband she leads us to believe that she is on our side. But she’s married to Wall Street, and to the man responsible for the most diverse forms of national destruction in modern times.


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