Republican Candidates Hate Trump But Will Support Him Anyway


Republicans may be attacking Trump at every GOP debate but the two candidates closest to Trump in the race admit that they would support him no matter what if he got the nomination.

Marco Rubio, who falls behind Trump pretty much everywhere, has called Trump a “lunatic trying to get a hold of nuclear weapons in America.” But when asked on ABC whether or not he would support Trump should he win the Republican nomination, he said yes:

And then there is Ted Cruz. Cruz has said that a Donald Trump presidency would be “a grave mistake.”

Cruz has attacked Trump for several things, including his past support for Planned Parenthood, his stance on Israel and Palestine, and  “longtime support of expanding Obamacare into Bernie Sanders-style socialized medicine, putting the government in charge of your health care, putting government bureaucrats into a position to ration your care, especially that of seniors.”

But, Cruz too has stated “I will support the Republican nominee. Period. The end.”

John Kasich, also vying for the Republican nomination, agrees with Cruz that: “At the end of the day, I’m going to support that person who came through the arena and became the nominee.”

And of course, we have already seen one previous Republican contender, Chris Christie, publicly endorsed Trump for President.


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