Arizona Protestor Charged with Felony Over Safety Pin


A 23-year-old protester was arrested during Monday’s election fraud hearings in the Arizona state capitol and charged with a felony for having a safety pin.

Jonathan McRae and other protestors were asked to leave the visitors gallery in the House of Representatives where the hearing on the botched presidential primary vote took place. He was arrested after an officer poked his finger on a safety pin in McRae’s pocket during a forcible search.

According to court documents, McRae was “observed yelling and causing a disturbance,” but you can hear observers in the above video voicing their outrage over McRae’s arrest, contradicting the court documents: “The man was silent.” “He just sat there.” “The guy chanting already left.” “He was not making noise.” “He did nothing wrong.” “All he did was sit down.” “The whole world is watching!” “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

McRae was one of several hundred Arizona voters in the gallery demanding a re-vote and the resignation of Maricopa Country Recorder Helen Purcell, whose reduction of polling places from 200 to 60 created hours-long lines at voting precincts across the county.

McRae’s court hearing is scheduled or April 11.


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