Iran Bans Animal Acts in Circuses

Illustration: netivist

Iran has become the 9th country to ban the use of animals in circus acts. It looks like the fight for animal rights is being heard all over the world as we see continued positive activism and laws protecting animals.

“On behalf of Animal Rights Watch-IRAN, I want to express my gratitude to the Animal Defenders International for all your supports and ideas shared with us.”
Shahraam Amirisharifi, the International Relations Director, stated.

This new mandate, which began March 20th, has become effective in all of the 31 Iranian states. A lot of this progress made is because of Animal Rights Watch’s 2014 campaign: “No to Circus!”

Public pressure has been a surface for years trying to get animal performances out of circuses. Let’s hope the rest of the world will follow in these 9 countries’ footsteps!


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