Clinton and Trump Win the New York Primary


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump snagged victories in the much-anticipated New York primary yesterday.

Donald Trump won the majority of the delegates awarded to Republicans with just over 60% of the vote. John Kasich came in second and took 3 delegates with 25% of the vote.

The Democratic side was a little closer. Clinton won with 58% of the vote, taking home 139 delegates, while Bernie Sanders still scored a solid 42% and 106 delegates.

The Sanders campaign announced that “We didn’t get the victory we had hoped for this evening, but what’s important is that it looks like we’re going to win a lot more delegates in New York than any state that voted or caucused before tonight.” They also made sure to point out that just a few short months ago they were behind the Clinton campaign by 50 points in New York and managed to close much of that gap.

Regardless of the results, it was widely reported that the New York primary was a disaster. Polling places opened late, voting machines were down, 126,000 voters were purged from the rolls in Kings County, and many had their voters’ party affiliation mysteriously changed.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is calling for an audit of New York City’s Board of Elections to hopefully get some clarity on several issues.


Next Tuesday will be an important day for the democratic presidential hopefuls, when they square off in five states: Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.


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