Noam Chomsky: Sanders is a “Force the Could Change the Country”


Noam Chomsky, MIT professor and important political thinker, has a few words for the people that believe Bernie Sanders’ policy ideas are radical or “pie in the sky.”

Appearing on Democracy Now! Chomsky discussed how Sanders is an “extremely interesting phenomenon. He’s a decent, honest person. That’s pretty unusual in the political system.”

Chomsky compares Sanders to President Eisenhower, calling him a “mainstream New Deal Democrat” whose policies wouldn’t have surprised Eisenhower. He pointed out examples in history in which seemingly impossible bills regarding medical care were passed by both Democrats and Republicans.

“We have this phenomenon where someone is taking positions that would have been considered pretty mainstream during the Eisenhower years that are supported by a large part, or considerable majority of the population, but he’s dismissed as radical and extremist. That’s an indication of how the spectrum has shifted to the right.”

Chomsky seems to be more optimistic towards Sanders’ campaign than he was previously, when he stated, “I frankly think that in our system of mainly bought elections, [Sanders] doesn’t have much of a chance.” Now Chomsky believes that Sanders’ movement, if turned into “a continuing, organized, mobilized force, that could change the country.”

You can watch more of Chomsky’s interview above.


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