Here’s How the Presidential Candidates Responded to the Orlando Shooting


50 people were killed and at least 53 injured over the weekend in the deadliest mass shooting in America history when a sole gunman opened fire at an the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

As in all national situations, each presidential candidate made a statement.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said during an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC News’ “Meet the Press”:

“It’s horrific, it’s unthinkable. And just hopes go out to all those who were shot that they can recover. And I’ve got to tell you, 25 years ago, I believe that in this country, we should not be selling automatic weapons which are designed to kill people. We have got to do everything that we can on top of that to make sure that guns do not fall into the hands of people who should not have them, criminals, people who are mentally ill. So that struggles continues. … . That means expanding the instant background check, it means doing away with the gun show loophole, it means addressing the straw man provision.”

Hillary Clinton took to social media to make her statement:

And Donald Trump, in perhaps the least sincere response, posted the following:


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