VICTORY: Washington DC Raises Minimum Wage to $15


In a historic moment, Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser signed into law new legislation that would raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 and hour by 2020.

The plan is to increase the current minimum wage, which is $10.50 an hour, to $11.50 an hour next month. The wage will increase incrementally until reaching $15 an hour by 2020. Tipped workers will have their minimum wage increase from $2.77 an hour to $5 an hour.

However, there is still debate as to whether $15 an hour will really be a livable wage for those working and living in Washington DC, let alone in 2020. $15 an hour translates to just over $31,000 a year for a worker with a 40 hour work week. According to U.S. Uncut, the livable wage for one adult in D.C. nowadays is nearly that already, at $14.49. This doesn’t even come close the single parents, whose living wage is around $30 an hour, or two adults with one child, which is about $17 an hour.

Several other cities have passed minimum wage laws, promising to have a minimum wage of $15 an hour by 2020 or 2021. Boston is also close to passing legislation, with Mayor Marty Walsh supporting the $15 an hour movement.


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Alexandra Jacobo is a progressive writer, activist, and mother who began her political involvement in earnest passing out blankets to occupiers in Zuccotti Park in 2011. She is concerned with educating the public and inspiring them to take action on progressive issues that promote positive change at home and abroad.