Officer Names, Details Emerge in Fatal Shooting of Alton Sterling


Two officers have been named in the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling, a citizen of Baton Rouge who was caught on video being shot and killed Tuesday morning.

Officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake were named as the two involved in the shooting. According to a press release by the Baton Rouge Police Department, both officers are on paid leave.

Sterling was apprehended outside a convenience store Tuesday morning, where he was selling homemade CDs. According to the police department, Sterling allegedly pointed a gun at a customer and ordered him to get off the property. Cell phone video footage shows officers Salamoni and Lake questioning Sterling before tackling him to the ground. Then, even after he offers no resistance, at least one officer shoots him five times, killing him instantly.

Reports state that Sterling did have a gun in his possession. However, the owner of the Triple S Food Mart says that he never saw Sterling reach for his gun during the altercation with officers. Sterling started carrying the gun recently after his friend was mugged.

You can watch an interview with the convenience store owner below:

According to Baton Rouge Police Chief Dabadie, both officers were equipped with body cameras, but both devices fell off during the incident.

On Wednesday the US Department of Justice announced they will be overseeing the investigation.


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