Ivory Kingpin Jailed for 20 Years


Elephant ivory smuggling ‘kingpin,’ Feisal Ali Mohamed was just convicted for possession of over two tons of ivory seized during a 2014 law enforcement raid on the Kenyan coast. He is now sentenced, by a court in Mombasa, Kenya to 20 years in jail as well as having to pay a 20 million dollar fine to KS.

Feisal was one of the nine most wanted suspects for crimes against the environment and has now been caught and convicted. His conviction is a major victory for elephants and for animal rights activists fighting against the inhumane use and selling of ivory.

In a press statement, the Kenya Wildlife Service said: “The guilty verdict is a strong message to all networks of poaching gangs, ivory smugglers, financiers, middlemen and shippers that Kenya will not watch as its elephant population is decimated or its territory used as a conduit for traffickers.”


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