The Specter of an American Police State Looms Over America

It’s coming, we don’t know when it will fully emerge, but it’s on the way. When this rampant societal violence, and especially these tragic mass shootings and slaughter of helpless, innocent Americans continues unabated, when this government refuses to address and attack the underlying causes, we will see the emergence of an American police state.
Right now we’re witnessing what might be described as a modern-day civil war within this increasingly divided society; it’s not one between regions of this country but, rather, one that pits Americans vs. their fellow Americans. President Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” That’s exactly what’s taking place in this country; because the more divided we become the more violence that is generated within our society.
A large majority of Americans want something positive and meaningful done to stop this carnage. They strongly support the institution of effective gun safety measures to deal with this festering problem, but a relatively small minority of gun-obsessed Americans and a U.S. Congress filled with NRA-funded politicians block every attempt to come up with solutions that could that could greatly alleviate the situation.
What this pathetic Congress refuses to do, what the people of this country don’t have the power to do, to bring an end to this violence and these slaughters, this police state can and will do. The foundations for this uber-law enforcement agency are
Police swat teams are already present all over this country, in cities and towns large and small; we’ve seen them in action numerous times, very often in situations where there is no need for such a powerful force.
A great many police agencies across America now possess powerful armored personnel carriers which have been handed down from the U.S. military along with high-powered weaponry. The Ferguson, Missouri incident involving the deadly shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was an example of this powerful force in action. In the Dallas incident involving the sniper attack on the police, we saw the use of a robot-controlled bomb which killed the domestic terrorist.
It won’t be long before we’ll see surveillance drones operated by the police and various government agencies in the skies over America, very likely hovering over your own backyard. Big Brother will be watching and monitoring the actions of the American people from above.
What we are seeing right now is a precursor to that eventual police state that will take control when the violence within this society becomes completely untenable. This force won’t immediately blanket America but will begin operations in the most violent parts of this society such as the inner cities of Chicago, Newark and Baltimore. Chicago, in particular, continues to experience a plague of shootings and resultant deaths day in and day out, with the weekends being a virtual bloodbath.
How in the world can so many of  our politicians continue to talk about our freedoms when Americans can lose their freedoms and their lives at the hands of deranged fellow Americans wielding powerful assault type weapons at any given moment?
The assassination of the 5 police officers and the wounding of 7 others in Dallas recently opened a new chapter in the commission of these terrible mass shootings. The commonly used terms commonly attributed to violent actions by foreign terrorists seeking revenge upon others are blowback and payback. Now those terms can be used here in America to describe the actions of domestic terrorists who launch attacks against citizens and police officers as a form of angry, misguided retaliation.
I’ve heard those 2nd Amendment gun-obsessed zealots say that the government intends to take away their weapons and that they will never allow that to happen; that they will band together and use their immense combined firepower to go up against the government; they are simply delusionary.
While these zealots express their bravado on this issue I would venture to say that the large majority of those who own most of the guns will think twice before they would take part in a firefight against a government force comprised of police departments across America, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the ATF, and even some special military units.
When this powerful law enforcement entity fully emerges then all the talk about the 2nd Amendment and the right to “Keep and bear arms” will become irrelevant because we will all be living in an American police state.
So what does the future hold, how will this all end? Well, when a great many Americans have clearly proven that they cannot control themselves, when these mass shootings continue and become a common happening and even intensify; when this society becomes ever more violent, and when we have a Congress that watches all this and does absolutely nothing, that powerful police state will take full control of this situation; and, over a period of time, most of the madness will come to an end.
If we, as a society, think that this scenario can’t possibly happen in America then all we need to do is to continue on this present extremely violent course and then we will watch as that specter of a police state looming over America becomes a reality.


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