This must be a dream!

As long as a majority of us keep thinking that it is OK to have this Military Industrial Empire, and it only needs a bit of tweaking, are falling for the hype and spin.


For those who study metaphysics like this writer, there is the concept that this 3rd dimension we live in is really just a dream. When they say ‘dream’ they mean that the higher consciousness which is our real self is actually creating this 3rd dimension part of us. The Me that we all know and feel is actually an actor, director and writer in this dream play we call reality. The higher part of us gives us the free will to operate as we see fit in this dream play. Then, when our character experiences what we call death, we are united once again with our higher consciousness and face what the mystics call Karma… on the other side of this veil of dreams. You know, ‘As ye sow so shall ye reap’. Interesting.

What the mystics and believers in metaphysics will tell you is this: Man was given free will and an ego, along with the capacity to follow his ‘lower self’ or ‘carnal (jungle) nature’ or his ‘higher self’ or ‘ love nature.’ Then, each of us can write, direct and act out our own script of life in this 3rd dimension. What has obviously occurred in this present world that we live in is the success of those using their ‘lower or carnal selves’. Slavery in the U.S. was abolished over 150 years ago, yet many of us still live as indentured servants or serfs to the feudal super rich. The greed and lack of compassion by less than 1% of our populace has made the Gilded Age of late 19th century America look even better than today! Oh yes, our serfs today think they are free, what with the narcotic of consumerism and repetitious hype by a controlled media. Yet, many American serfs are still a few paychecks away from being out on the street!

Look at the (so called) leaders that this dream has contrived: A 2nd rate actor (Reagan) mesmerizing the serfs to think that it is “Morning in America.’ He was in office for eight years of union busting, major tax breaks for the feudal lords of the manor (the less than the 1%), more power to the evil Military Industrial Complex, and the hype of the Me Generation. Then, four years later we had the man who most likely was actually pulling the strings for the Reagan years, his VP and ex-CIA chief spook Bush Sr., who made sure the Peace Dividend from the end of the C old War was spent on the manipulated War on Iraq 1. Then, we got Clinton, a philanderer and consummate ‘I feel your pain’ politician, who did the bidding for the Military Industrial Complex, such as a draconian welfare reform bill, the end of the needed Glass-Steagall Act that curbed Wall Street speculation, a telecommunications act that allowed our cable bills to go thru the roof, and more ‘gunboat policymaking’ against Iraq. Following Mr. Bill we had perhaps the stupidest and most easily led Bush Jr. who signed off on perhaps the two worst policy decisions ever: the horrific invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, which we all know created the current blowback of this creature called ISIL, and the Wall Street subprime housing scam that, along with the phony wars, destroyed our economy! In his place they served up a true ‘Servant of the empire,’ a ‘Man of Color’ who is as white as he is black, Mr. Obama. He kept ‘the natives in line’ as he allowed the Military Industrial Empire to keep churning along, with continued bailouts of the Wall Street banksters, higher military spending and drone missile attacks than even the Bush/Cheney gang, and simply ‘business as usual’ for the corporate state.

This election the serfs were given the choice between a billionaire populist demagogue and a warmongering favorite of Wall Street. Both were and are ‘fabricators of truth’ who don’t really give a rat’s ass for the serfs who worked so hard to elect them. ‘Two faced Trump’ won out and will make sure that there will be NO populists running his government. The nightmare for those who ‘dreamed’ for his success will be concerted efforts to A) privatize and non- unionize and B) make sure the military spending stays high, or even higher still than at present (which is over 50% of our federal tax revenues.) He may say he is going to ‘drain the swamp’ but he will fill it with even more rancid filth!

Some dream we all as a mass consciousness created. To question the ‘Why’ of it is pertinent, but the real ‘$64,000 question’ is what are we going to do to make this a better dream? As long as a majority of us keep thinking that it is OK to have this Military Industrial Empire, and it only needs a bit of tweaking, are falling for the hype and spin. Folks, stop drinking the Kool-Aid!


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