Protest to House Budget Committee: ‘Kill the Bill Before It Kills Us’

That campaign is continuing as the bill moves toward a final vote on the House floor that is expected on March 23.

SOURCECampaign for America's Future

The Republicans on the House Budget Committee on Thursday swung an axe on the pillars of health care security for millions of people in a tiny room in the Longworth House Office Building too small to hold the outraged people who had lined the hallway in dissent.

LeeAnn Hall, co-director of People’s Action, was among those who went to the hearing room in hopes of registering her opposition to committee approval of the American Health Care Act, the looming disaster President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have proffered to satisfy their vow to “repeal and replace Obamacare.”

Hall and several other bill opponents carried signs that said, “Kill the Bill Before It Kills Us,” highlighting the very real consequences for the 24 million people who are projected to fall off the insurance rolls because of this bill, plus the millions more who will face higher premiums and out-of-pocket medical costs or lose access of Medicaid because of $880 billion in cuts to that program.

Hall talked to some of the people who would be harmed by this legislation if it became law. “I heard from Guadalupe, a nun, about how the aging sisters are hurting and need care. I heard from other people about seniors who need care. I heard from families who have been on the Medicaid expansion (under the Affordable Care Act) and just got coverage. Everyone wants to see this bill killed; they want to see an improvement in our health care, not a decrease in access to health care.”

Meanwhile People’s Action supporters made thousands of calls to members of Congress asking them to oppose this bill. That campaign is continuing as the bill moves toward a final vote on the House floor that is expected on March 23. Go to our “Kill The Bill Before It Kills Us” page on to connect with your member of Congress and send a message to vote no on cutting health care for millions of people.

Tell Congress to keep the pre-existing condition clause for health insurance:


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