Bernie Sanders to Trump: “We will fight you every step of the way” on environmental issues

“Mr. Trump, you cannot run a government by rejecting science.”

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This week President Donald Trump signed an executive order that rolled back many Obama-era climate policies put in place to combat climate change.

The move was met with huge opposition and disappointment from many, including Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

In response to the order, Sanders tweeted, “Mr. Trump, you cannot run a government by rejecting science. Listen to the scientific community, not the CEOs of the fossil fuel industry.”

Sanders also posted the following video, which includes calling the recent actions a disaster and a “threat to the future of this country, and to the future of the world.”

He followed up that tweet with another about an hour later, stating “Trump’s position on climate change is pathetic and an embarrassment to the world.”

Trump doesn’t seem to view it this way. The president believes that by rolling back these important climate protections he is sending miners and others in the fossil fuel industry “back to work.” Sanders says this is a “flat out lie.”

Regardless of the climate protections former President Obama put into place, mining jobs and others jobs in the fossil fuel industry were on the decline. What is increasing are the number of job opportunities in the renewable energy sector, which has the potential to create millions of jobs while also protecting the climate.

NationofChange will join in fighting President Trump “every step of the way” in regards to environmental issues. Next month we will join thousands in the People’s Climate Mobilization in Washington D.C. NationofChange staff and volunteers will also take part in the March for Science, which will happen on Earth Day in cities all over the United States.

Get the fossil fuels out of climate policymaking:


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