Dear Jill Stein, Ajamu Baraka, David Cobb and all Greens,

Yoav Litvin talks about issues with the direction of the Green Party in a letter to Green Party candidates.


Since writing my piece for Counterpunch on Tuesday about fascistic infiltration into the Green Party, and Joshua Frank’s follow up editorial yesterday, I’ve been getting some abuse from a fraction of the left, but also from “alt-right” Pepe-the-frog fascists, quite indicative and in line with my thoughts on this whole affair. Importantly, aside from insults, nobody, including Cobb or said “journalist” Caitlin Johnstone (see link HERE) has managed to undermine a single fact presented in either of our articles.

Very encouraging, however, is that I’ve received quite a few messages from people who have thanked me for it, because they also questioned the credibility and motivations of said “journalist’s” work and the direction the Greens were being led, and got bullied in response. These are American Greens and other curious people who tried to engage in meaningful and positive political discussion and are of all kinds- women, men, white, black, brown, gay, straight, old, young, you name it.

I wanted to make it clear that I am always open to dialogue with Greens, something I attempted initially but was denied. I am especially looking at you David Keith Cobb.

I find it cowardly and a fundamental lack of leadership that Cobb has yet to come up with an appropriate and decisive response other than a very brief statement on Facebook (unverified) and avoidance.

The fact that he is giving a talk today titled “fighting neo-fascism” at the Greens’ conference is both ironic and tragic.

I am willing and able to keep things the way they are now, but I think it would be unwise and counterproductive for the Greens in particular and the American left in general not to appropriately discuss this crucial issue of the Green move toward a dangerous red-brown alliance.

All best,

Yoav Litvin


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