The hypocrisy of Trump’s ‘Made in America’ week

Besides outsourcing, Trump also hired foreign workers at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida because many Americans cannot afford to live on his low wages.


As the White House launched “Made in America” week in a vain attempt to boost President Donald Trump’s low approval ratings, his family continues to run companies that sell products made in other countries in order to exploit cheap labor. Instead of making America “first again” and “great again,” the president and his family have no intention of applying their own empty rhetoric to their businesses.

“We’re here today to celebrate American manufacturing and to showcase the amazing products from all 50 states, made in the USA,” Trump stated during a “Made in America” product showcase on Monday. “Remember in the old days they used to have ‘Made in the USA’, ‘Made in America’? But made in the USA. We’re going to start doing that again. We’re going to put that brand on our product because it means it’s the best.”

But according to a recent Washington Post investigation, many of the products sold by Trump and his daughter Ivanka are made overseas. When asked about the president’s glaring hypocrisy concerning his own products, Press Secretary Sean Spicer initially refused to answer but later defended the Trump family by saying, “In terms of scalability there are certain things that we may not have the capacity to do here in terms of having a plant or a factory that can do it.”

“So, once again, we will celebrate craftsmen, producers, and innovators like the incredible men and women in this room today,” Trump continued. “We will protect our workers, promote our industry, and be proud of our history because we will put America first. America will be first again. We will make America great again. Remember that. And we’ll meet in this same room in a year and in two years, and you’ll see what happened.”

During MSNBC Live on Tuesday, Stephanie Ruhle pointed out that Trump Tower continues to sell many products made in Bangladesh, China, Nicaragua, and Thailand despite the president publicly celebrating “Made in America” week. Instead of selling any products made in America, Ivanka Trump’s clothing line sells products manufactured in Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam in order to cut costs by exploiting foreign cheap labor.

Besides outsourcing, Trump also has been criticized for hiring foreign workers at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida because many Americans cannot afford to live on his low wages. While the president demands job creation for Americans, his son Eric Trump operates a Virginia winery that seeks out foreign workers to pick grapes for despicably low wages.

During his speech on Monday, Trump added, “We’ve signed more bills – and I’m talking about through the legislature – than any President ever. For a while, Harry Truman had us, and now I think we have everybody, Mike. I better say ‘think,’ otherwise they’ll give me a Pinocchio and I don’t like those – I don’t like Pinocchios.”

According to The New York Times, Trump has signed fewer bills into law than the last six presidents during the same period. In their first six months in office, President Jimmy Carter signed 70 bills, while Bill Clinton signed 50. Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed 76 bills and Harry Truman signed 55 bills during their first 100 days, while Trump has only signed 42 bills since taking office.


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