Bernie Sanders is still the most popular politician in America

Will Sanders’ continued popularity help him win some support for his upcoming proposed legislations?


A new poll has found that Bernie Sanders remains the most popular politician in America, and is the only national politician that a majority of voters actually like.

The Harvard-Harris Poll, conducted online from August 17 to 22, took responses from 2,263 voters from left, right, and nonpartisan backgrounds. The poll asked responders questions on their feelings about Republicans, Democrats, recent political events, and issues. 

Results showed that 54 percent of voters view the Vermont senator favorably, with 36 percent feeling the opposite. The only other politician that came close to Sanders was Vice President Mike Pence, who earned a favorability rating of 44 percent.

Sanders has remained the most popular politician for the last several months, starting back in April, when a survey, also by Harvard-Hill, was conducted and found almost 60 percent of Americans viewed him favorably.

Bernie Sanders has remained surprisingly active since his loss in the Democratic primaries to Hillary Clinton. He continues to travel around the country, meeting with voters (he’s been to 15 states so far), as well as continuing to push for his supported issues, such as universal health care.

Donald Trump received an approval rating of 43 percents, with 57 percent disapproving. Paul Ryan received only 33 percent favorability, and Mitch McConnell received the lowest favorability of any national politician at 19 percent.

Hopefully, Sanders’ continued popularity can help him win some support for his upcoming proposed legislations on drug pricing and universal health care.


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