The beauty of words

    If at all we as humans are capable of spreading happiness, why not do it to the best we can?


    Sometimes, a single string of alphabets can make an impact so strong on a person that even an hour-long speech sometimes fails to make. Language is a beautiful thing. And people who can use it to uplift other people are blessed. Words of wisdom, quotes, motivational lines that come not only from famous personalities but also from our day to day acquaintances can bring about a huge change in the way we think and our way of looking towards life. 

    We, a lot of times, tend to take these small quotes for granted. Also, nowadays, in the times of growing social media usage, a lot of toxic, negative and misleading thoughts tend to make their way to a person’s brain. But, there are those good ones, which just by putting your eyes on them can make you smile. Have you ever had a look at an introvert’s room? These guys decorate their rooms with beautiful DIY’s including paintings, MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS, colorful smiling emojis, and believe me, these do have an impact on one’s life and a huge one at that. 

    The next time you come across a quote written anywhere, be it on a compound wall, in an elevator, or even a message you receive through social media, do give it a thought. Because sometimes smallest of things you read can teach you much more than a book can. 

    Maybe on a bad day, when you don’t feel like doing any of the work you are supposed to do, reading that one motivational line makes you end up not only doing the work but also doing it in a better way.

    Sometimes, when a loved one of yours is sad, whispering a single positive sentence into their ear can make their day.

    That’s the beauty of words. They have the power to move a person, both in a positive and negative way. They can change a person’s day from bad to good and vice versa in no time. Just a set of twenty-six letters that can be weaved into a different set of sentences capable enough to change a person forever. Isn’t that miraculous? So, why can’t we use this capacity to the fullest? Why can’t we use more of good positive words and make someone’s day? Will it not be an amazing idea to celebrate words too, just like we celebrate everything else?

    So, the next time you meet an old friend, talk to them about all things beautiful. Send out letters to all people you love once in a while. Tell them how you fell. Let words do their magic. Read books more frequently. Think about what made the author write a book so amazing. Talk to kids, you’ll end up learning different kinds of happy words from them. Make someone smile by telling them something motivating, random acts of kindness do wonders. Gift people inspiring books, motivational posters and hand-made cards that read beautiful messages. That’ll make their day for sure. If at all we as humans are capable of spreading happiness, why not do it to the best we can?


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