Did Putin do it? Chemical attack in the UK

If you’re Sherlock Holmes, and you go through all these facts and possibilities, would you still conclude that Putin’s agents were definitely behind this chemical attack?

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How many readers are convinced that Russia was definitely behind the chemical attack in the U.K.? At a glance, it seems an open-shut case: someone tried to assassinate an ex-Russian spy and a double-agent with a nerve agent. And the modus operandi and motives clearly point to Vladimir Putin. However, let’s pretend to be Sherlock Holmes – the great British character – for a moment and look at all the facts surrounding this case.

Who’s got chemical weapons (CW)? Russia got rid of all its chemical weapons under the supervision of UN’s OPCW. On the other hand, the U.S. hasn’t destroyed all its chemical weapons yet and there are still two CW sites in the US! The U.S. government claims it will destroy them within the next five years. Hmm …

Who has Novichok? Novichok, the deadly nerve agent, was invented and produced by the USSR in the 1970s and 80s. Is it possible now for others to possess or manufacture it? Of course. Military labs around the world keep samples so they can develop antidotes. As U.K.’s foreign minister Boris Johnson admitted, the U.K. labs do have samples of Novichok. Even Iran was able to develop Novichok in 2016 and they have registered it with UN’s OPCW.

Sharing the sample: Each lab adds a chemical “signature” to the deadly agents as a matter of protocol and safety. If Theresa May wanted to be credible, she would release the samples from the alleged incident to Russia and other neutral parties so there can be independent analyses. But the U.K. refuses to do so.

Porton down – the infamous U.K. lab

As an amazing coincidence, it just so happens that there is a famous U.K. military chemical lab in Porton Down, just six miles from Salisbury, where the alleged attack took place. Porton Down is the British lab where tear gas and the deadly VX (“Venomous Agent X”) were invented a few decades ago. Tear gas is now used all over the world against humans; and VX is considered a weapon of mass destruction and is banned. Could some rogue MI6 agent have sneaked out the nerve agent from Porton Down?

The Porton Down lab also tested nerve agents on more than 20,000 unwitting U.K. civilians and soldiers and used them as “guinea pigs.” Not a nice bunch of guys!

Guess who lives in the U.S.: One of the leading chemists who developed Novichok defected to the U.S. long time ago and lives in New Jersey now. He brags about it openly on his Facebook page. His name is Vil Mirzayanov.

The formula is well known: This guy above also wrote a book and revealed the composition of the chemical agent.

Did the CIA get hold of Novichok? The Novichok nerve agent was actually produced in a lab in Uzbekistan, which became a separate country after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Then Uzbekistan became very close to the U.S. As this 1999 New York Times article reveals, the U.S. worked with the Uzbek government to dismantle the lab and helped many scientists emigrate/defect to the U.S. So, it’s safe to assume that the CIA and the U.S. military have Novichok. (Think of Operation Paperclip when Nazi scientists were brought into the U.S. after World War II).

Is it possible that the entire story is bogus? This nerve agent is supposed to be extremely deadly, but the U.K. government advised people in the area to use “baby wipes“, “warm water” and “detergents” to clean their belongings. Really?

And then if you look at the photos of experts at the site, there are these guys in hazmat suits for visual impact. Then, right beside them are U.K. cops without any protective material. Maybe they had baby wipes with them? It’s just like the implausible White Helmets story where they handle “Sarin gas victims” with bare hands. (Oh, btw, the White Helmets got millions of $$ of funding from the U.K. government).

Also, there have been no suspects in this case. For someone to specifically poison the food of two people eating at a restaurant, the attackers must either work at the restaurant or must have sneaked into the restaurant at the right time using some excuse. So there should be descriptions from others and perhaps the criminals were recorded on CCTV. Strangely, there has been no discussion of the culprits or any plans to track/capture them.

Motives, opportunities: In any crime, we must look at the motives and opportunities. The only ones to benefit from this are the West and its allies – U.S., U.K., Israel, Saudi Arabia and others who are mad that Putin is helping Assad and ruining their grand plans for Middle East domination.

The Russian spy – Sergei Skripal – was a traitor who got arrested in 2004 for leaking state secrets to the U.K.. He was released in 2010 and sent to the U.K. as part of a spy-swap program. So Putin had 6 years to kill the guy in the Russian prison. But no! Putin would release him, wait for 8 more years, and then try to kill him in the most bizarre way possible just before the World Cup and just before the Russian presidential election.

Let’s face it: the only ones to benefit from this asymmetric propaganda war are Putin’s enemies.

What do these masterminds aim to accomplish? Let’s go through a quick list:

  • Affect Putin’s election last Sunday. At least they hoped that the turnout or his margin of victory will be a bit smaller.
  • Ruin the World Cup in Russia this summer through boycotts and constant reminders that Putin poisons everyone.
  • Freeze assets of Russian billionaires in London, and then use it to blackmail them for info; turn them against Putin; or at least use them to persuade Putin to give up Syria.
  • Ban RT in U.K./EU – the Russian T.V. channel that is the only big one in the world to challenge western narratives.
  • Stop the completion of Nordstream oil/gas pipeline that links Russia and Germany/Europe. The U.S. has successfully disrupted the Russian pipelines through Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria. The last one is Nordstream. Eventually, if the globalists can disrupt Russia’s energy lifeline, they can bring Russia to its knees, kick out Putin and install a puppet. This is the geopolitics of oil that’s rarely discussed in the MSM.

So, if you’re Sherlock Holmes, and you go through all these facts and possibilities, would you still conclude that Putin’s agents were definitely behind this chemical attack?



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