Three elements coalescing to send Trump and Republicans into a crushing defeat in November

It’s time for America to, once again, become the government of, by and for the people.

Image Credit: NYMag

A very powerful storm, rapidly building in intensity, is rushing toward the Trump White House and the Republican Party. This is not a storm that we typically see in various sections of this country. This is a political storm that has the potential to bring down the Trump administration and, with it, the GOP.

Such a massive storm erupted over the East Coast of America in 1991. It was created as a result of the confluence of three different weather-related meteorological events; warm air from a low-pressure system, cool and dry air generated by a high-pressure system, and tropical moisture from an approaching hurricane.

This political storm, that is gathering momentum and heading for the White House, has also been created by the confluence of three elements, specifically, three political-related elements in our government.

The first of these elements is Donald Trump himself. Witnessing his behavior day in and day out one gets the impression that he is on a path leading to an implosion; the only question is – when might it happen? Trump is not a politician, certainly not a leader, not a problem solver, and he has no ability to negotiate with others on important issues. In short, he lacks the key qualification and necessary experience that a U.S. president should possess. And, therefore, he is conducting what we might call a “Bull in a china shop presidency”.

The second element is Robert Mueller, the Justice Dept. Special Prosecutor who is investigating Russia’s interference in our election process and the possible involvement of Trump, his family or his advisers.

Mueller and his team are very methodical and relentless in analyzing the many factors involved with this Russian infringement. No doubt, they have gathered a great deal of evidence and are collecting more to build a powerful case. They have also indicted four Trump associates who have pled guilty to the charges. Mueller also indicted 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies.

Trump feels the increasing heat coming from the Mueller investigations. He has uttered the words, “No collusion” an untold number of times and these constant denials are an indication that he definitely has something to hide. A person who had nothing to hide would simply let Mueller do his thing, confident in knowing that he will find nothing of substance.

The third element is the Republican Party and its members that see his irrational behavior and just ignore it, giving him a free pass no matter how destructive his policies and actions may be. They have become no more than modern-day serfs and peasants who meekly bow to his dictates.

Republicans are, in effect, sticking their necks in a political noose when they align themselves so closely with this president whose popularity remains at record lows. More and more it is becoming evident that they are going to pay a terrible price for their submissiveness and dereliction of duty when they have to face the anger and fury of voters in the 2018 elections.

Trump and the Republicans will bring a great deal of heavy political baggage to this election. Voters will remember their attempt to destroy Obamacare upon which millions of Americans depend. That, together with the way that they rammed massive tax cuts for the rich through Congress, while giving the American people the left over crumbs, will come back to haunt them.

Many Americans are coming to the realization that Trump and the Republicans may be in power but they do not know how to use that power to take positive and constructive actions to make things better for all Americans.

The country’s infrastructure is begging for a massive repair and rebuilding program but Trump cares only about building his wall while Republicans sit on their hands doing nothing.

Mass shootings have gotten out of control and something drastic must be done and soon, to stop more of our children from being gunned down. The Las Vegas and Parkland, Florida mass murders should have triggered Congress to finally act and take measures to bring this situation under control.

Let’s be perfectly blunt about this; neither Trump nor Republicans give a damn about these kids, these two political elements are no more than tools of the NRA and the gun industry and have the blood of these victims of mass shootings on their hands.

These two issues, the infrastructure and the continuous mass shootings will pound more nails into the political coffins of these pathetic, heartless politicians. Every voter should be thinking about both these issues and how they have been betrayed when they cast their ballots.

The political demise of the Republicans would be an absolute certainty with a very high probability if the Democrats would add to this process by loudly speaking out about all these issues and putting forth their own ideas on how they would run this government. So far they are remaining far too silent and it’s time for them to get moving and show the American people how very differently they would run the Congress.

Now, if Mueller announces before long that he has solid, irrefutable evidence of collusion and/or obstruction of justice by Trump or his associates, and I firmly believe that this will happen, then all hell will break loose in our nation’s capital.

The American people are now well aware that Trump and his Republican lapdogs no longer even try to hide the fact that their major priorities rest with the pursuit of the interests of those in America who possess the money, power and influence that is used to control this government; and that the interests of the American people will remain on the back burner.

The vast majority of Americans have arrived at a point when they have had enough and are not going to continue to allow these Corporate-controlled politicians to contaminate the Congress and, yes, the White House.

And so, it’s time to rid Congress of every Republican who is running for re-election in November; also in the 2020 elections when Trump will be running for re-election if he doesn’t resign in disgrace before then. It’s time for America to, once again, become the government of, by and for the people.


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