Sunday, May 26, 2024

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Supreme urgency tests Trump’s claim to immunity amid election countdown

Legal experts and democracy advocates push for a swift Supreme Court decision on Trump’s immunity claims, highlighting potential consequences for presidential accountability.

Arizona grand jury charges Trump aides and state Republicans in attempt...

High-profile indictments spotlight a significant legal crackdown on the orchestrated attempt to overturn President Joe Biden's 2020 election victory in Arizona.

The case against RFK Jr.

Would RFK Junior be just another crackpot in the growing pool of fringe politicians?

The 2024 election is about the rich stealing from the public

A fight over extending provisions of Trump’s tax cuts is at stake in November’s election. Ultimately, the race is about money.

Trump the terminator?

Could his second presidency signal the end of American global power?

Corporate PACs and industry trade groups steered over $108 million to...

Most of the corporate PACs spread money around with little discrimination.

The highly-revealing election dogs that didn’t bark, isolating howling, blowhard election...

Baseless election denial delusions make former Joe McCarthy or Nixon backers look downright reality-bound.

Trump’s ever more bonkers alibi charade parade to escape jail 

"Maybe, just maybe, before I die I will admit the real truth: the Devil made me do it.”

Grassroots organizing in red states is at the heart of abolitionist...

One of the biggest struggles for abolitionists right now is for organizers to really believe in their own power to enact the world of abundance and safety that is a necessary part of an abolitionist future.

Suicidal Rethugs gift Dems by reducing elections to absurdly simple choices:...

Dems should simply repeat, “Do you want Trump in charge when the next global disease event strikes”?


Low-life Supremes openly break supreme perfidy records

Without term limits and strong ethics log,/ Our fate mimics that water-boiled frog.

Sanders and Omar push to end $17 billion in fossil fuel subsidies with new...

Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Ilhan Omar reintroduce legislation to eliminate federal subsidies for fossil fuel companies, aiming to save taxpayers $170 billion over the next decade.

FCC proposes mandating AI disclosure in political ads to safeguard election integrity

This move aims to enhance transparency and protect voters from deceptive practices.

Smotrich proposes financial sanctions and settlement expansion in response to Palestinian state recognition

The far-right minister outlined six immediate steps to target the Palestinian Authority (PA) following the recognition by Spain, Norway, and Ireland.

Historic ITLOS ruling: Greenhouse gas emissions classified as marine pollution in landmark decision

This landmark ruling obligates countries to take all necessary measures to prevent global temperature rise above 1.5°C, marking a significant step forward in the fight against climate change and the protection of marine environments.