Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Tag: elections

Steps left for electing Progressives and defeating Republicans in the midterms

Stopping unhinged Republicans will require that often-deplorable Democrats defeat them.

How Republicans could steal the next presidential election

Your vote is important, and not just in federal elections. The future of our democracy is not guaranteed.

Kindergarten quiz time! Want a violence-prone, tantrum-throwing, fundamentalist minority in charge...

Top to bottom, Rethuglicans are on parade, leaving neither the vicious means nor the unholy ends to the imagination.

Will gun-shy Dems ever learn this core (if alarming) Trump lesson—relentless...

Democrats must treat voters as consumers who view politics (rightly) as “another marketable product.” A coherent party must deliver big, core, election-winning achievements—if only to avoid a mid-term bloodbath.

Upcoming 2022 primaries: A handful of voters will decide who’s on...

American voters are passionate, but they don’t think voting in primaries matters.

New efforts seek to build trust in elections, in the face...

Believers of Trump’s big lie about the 2020 election continue to ignore national media and election experts. Will they be convinced by poll workers and local leaders to trust the democratic process again?

Supreme Court conservatives about to kill fair elections permanently

Our nation is at a legal and ethical crossroads, where we must choose between actual ‘rule of law,’ or the rule of ‘judicial capture.'

America: One big commercial!

We get more and more commercials as the newest election cycle approaches.

Just 6% of US House seats expected to be competitive thanks...

The vast majority of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are becoming non-competitive.

How the sugar industry makes political friends and influences elections

A city commissioner race in Florida provides a window into how the sugar industry cultivates political allies, who help protect its interests.


Low-paid workers are unionizing. Corporations are spending a ton to stop them.

A record number of workers are trying to form labor unions, a Center for Public Integrity analysis shows. Corporate America is alarmed.

Prospects for a republic beset with disunity 

A republic needs endless work/ Or insurgent forces go berserk.

Italy’s far right rode inequality to victory — but has no answers for it

A let-the-rich-be government has opened the doors to the smiling heirs of Italy’s neofascist factions.

California Gov. Newsom proposes windfall profits tax on Big Oil

Calls for windfall profits taxes have increased globally in recent weeks

This one thing made Alex Jones stop lying 

It turns out there actually might be a way to stop the constant stream of lies coming from the right-wing media. Sue. Them.