When Mueller closes in on Trump with irrefutable evidence, Trump will run, but he can’t hide

He will be trying to hide from the long arm of the law but that’s never going to work because, in the end, one cannot hide from the truth.

Image Credit: Zero Hedge

Special Prosecutor Mueller is getting very close to making a formal request for Trump to meet with him to answer pertinent questions relative to the Russian interference in our election system. So far Trump has given out countless declarations about whether he would or would not meet with Mueller but you can bet that, when he thinks about the facts and evidence that Mueller undoubtedly has, he will refuse.

He will be, in effect running away from an opportunity to clear his name.
We may well see Trump, enraged after his personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s office and home were subjected to a surprise raid and search by the FBI, decide to fire Rod Rosenstein, the Justice Dept. Deputy Attorney General , to whom Mueller reports. Many in Washington feel that could happen any time, any day.

In any case Mueller will go forward and take either of two options. He could finish the investigation and then submit a report to Congress laying down all the facts and evidence he has gathered. His desire would be that Congress would thereafter initiate an impeachment process but the chances of this Trump-controlled Congress, no more than modern-day serfs and peasants, doing that are around zero to none.

While some say that he doesn’t have the legal authority to serve Trump with a subpoena to appear before a grand jury I believe he will go ahead and do exactly that. This may end up in the courts with the final decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court. Will the decision be that Mueller can go forward with the subpoena? Who knows but let’s say that the courts rule in his favor.

Mueller will then go ahead and attempt to serve the subpoena to Trump at the White House. And that’s where the trouble really begins as Trump will order his Secret Service detail to man all the doors and not allow any subpoena server in. Trump will be taking the extraordinary action to barricade himself in the White House.

He will be trying to hide from the long arm of the law but that’s never going to work because, in the end, one cannot hide from the truth.

This eruption in the government will then initiate a full blown Constitutional crisis, something that has never before happened in America’s history. He will not stay barricaded in the White House indefinitely and the marshals will be waiting outside to take him into custody. If it appeared that he was not coming out it’s entirely possible that marshals, possibly supported by a special military unit, would initiate a forced entry and take him into custody.

Could this actually happen? Well, when Trump is involved in anything, no matter what it is, there is no way to predict what might happen or what he is capable of doing. So yes it most certainly could happen at almost any time, maybe tomorrow.

And one more important aspect of this entire investigation. Mueller, and I believe he already is doing this, has wisely been making copies of all these investigative records containing all the accumulated facts and evidence, and has stored them in some secure place.

One way or another, whether Mueller is fired or not, dedicated career personnel at the Justice Dept. and the FBI will see that this investigation will go on no matter what Trump tries to do. One thing is very clear; if Trump were totally innocent of any wrongdoing involving collusion or obstruction of justice he would meet with Mueller as requested and be entirely confident that he would be fully exonerated and what he said time and time again over many months, “no collusion, no collusion” would become a reality.

Trump would never do that and he will continue to try to run and hide but he can never escape the long arm of the law.


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