Mass shootings, children being gunned down in cold blood; a dark stain on the soul of America

We Americans may not realize it, but we are being mentally conditioned by this government to accept these mass shootings as a part of our culture, embedded in our society.

Image Credit: Todd Heisler/The New York Times

What in the world is happening in our country, to our society? Why are mass shootings becoming commonplace? And why in the world are children in schools the primary victims of these murderers? These children have become targets; they are like sitting ducks in a shooting gallery.

What is wrong with this country? Actually there’s nothing wrong with this country, except for its government, in particular the useless Congress, a great many members of which watch the continued slaughter of our children and do absolutely nothing to stop the bloodbath; except look the other way. They are no more than cowards of the highest degree.

These indentured servants of the nefarious NRA, by refusing to attack this mass shooting problem are, in effect, helping to facilitate the sale and proliferation of the monstrous weapons that snuff out the lives of these helpless children right in their schools. This is moral rot.

It is absolutely beyond comprehension how these politicians and, for that matter, any person in America can take a strong, stubborn stand against the banning of military assault-style weapons that are designed specifically to kill enemies of America.

The 2nd Amendment states “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Does anyone believe that the Founding Fathers who created it could even imagine that, in the future, it would be bent, twisted and stretched to the point that the right to bear arms would allow citizens to possess any form of weaponry no matter how destructive it might be? That it meant that there would be no restrictions on the possession and use of extremely high-powered military-style weapons of mass destruction? That’s crazed thinking.

A truly civilized country would have members of Congress that, years ago, would not have hesitated to completely ban all these military killing machines that can kill an unlimited number of people in minutes. A civilized country would have citizens that would, if Congress refused to ban these weapons, go to the polls in national elections and end the miserable careers of these politicians for good.

It’s nearly impossible to do something about this problem when we have this woeful, corrupted Congress that is bought and paid for by the power brokers who have strong connections with the gun industry and the NRA. Their common objective could not be more clear; they want to sell more and more of all forms of weapons, from Glock MM pistols to AR15’s.

We Americans may not realize it but we are being mentally conditioned by this government to accept these mass shootings as a part of our culture, embedded in our society, and to accept the premise that there is nothing that we can do to reverse this condition. When we get to the point where the majority of Americans see these mass shootings as a part of life in America, as just a part of this society, then the words “this society” and the word “civilized” used together will represent an oxymoron.

After these latest shootings in Santa Fe, Texas, I heard a couple of kids being interviewed say that “We are afraid to death of going to school.” Unbelieveable! In which other of the total of 32 developed nations in the world would we ever hear such a statement of fear? Never, because the people and their governments do not tolerate this kind of brutality in their countries. As the saying goes, “Only in America.”

Some of the rabid gun advocates that deliberately bend and twist the 2nd Amendment would, if they are allowed, transform our nation’s schools into the equivalent of prisons with all sorts of restrictions on students. And teachers would be turned into the equivalent of armed prison guards. That’s just how crazy this situation is getting.

I wish someone with the proper skills would publish a Congressional Rogue’s Gallery that contained the names, pictures, districts and/or states of the top 10 Congressional recipients of NRA campaign contributions so the American people could remember them when election time rolls around and send them packing. They need to be shown as political pariahs. Their names and faces need to be spread across this country so that they will be ashamed to appear anywhere in public.

The way that the American TV media deals with these ongoing mass shootings is more than pathetic. They go through the same process each time, showing the kids fleeing out of the school, the anguish of parents and surviving students, interviews with police and former prosecutors. Then they ask the same general question every time; “How are we going to stop these mass shootings?”

And that’s about it. They don’t even try to answer their own question by conducting extensive discussions involving various experts in law enforcement and associated fields. They don’t suggest ways to initiate better gun control measures; they should but don’t promote the need to ban all forms of assault weapons. They don’t ever mention specific politicians who receive the greatest NRA contributions and those who kill any attempts to address this massive problem.

They are completely failing this country and its people.

It’s absolutely mind boggling to think that there have been 22 school shooting so far this year. The media always asks this other question: how do these troubled individuals get these weapons? In at least two recent cases they got them from their fathers. In one of them a young man had his AR15 taken away by the police. The police later gave it to the father for safe keeping. And then, at some point, the son somehow got it back and then used it to kill innocent young children.

Those in law enforcement in all parts of America are doing everything they can to address this massive problem but they can only react to situations after they happen. They are greatly frustrated but can’t do much of anything except following the current laws which are just not strong enough.

Republicans are morally bankrupt, as they see the slaughters and just look the other way. Democrats want to see far stronger gun control measures put into effect but they don’t have the courage to speak out in loud voices to rally the American people and get them on their side. They should be demanding that this problem becomes a #1 priority. When Republicans watch these mass shootings happen continuously and then purposely do nothing then we can accurately say that they are complicit in these atrocities. They are guilty of the crime of inhumanity.

We can debate this critically important matter forever, from the need for stronger background checks to a ban on all assault-style weapons, bump stocks and huge ammunition magazines, and nothing will change; that is, unless we make our #1 objective the removal of the massive impediments, the large obstructions blocking the way to finding solutions.

Those impediments, the large obstructions, are the Republicans in Congress. Our objective then is simply this: starting with the November elections and those in the following years we must remove every single Republican from Congress and make certain they never return. After we cleanse the Congress of these contaminants then rational-minded, clear thinking individuals can get together and come up with a host of solutions to this epidemic of mass shootings.

It’s worth repeating; the only way we can save our children is to remove every Republican.


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