As our democracy is dismantled right before their eyes Americans remain silent

One thing for sure; it’s high time that the vast majority of Americans wake up and wake up fast or they will soon find themselves living in an American nightmare.

It’s a national tragedy that this country’s democracy is being dismantled and a large portion of the American people either don’t comprehend what is happening, or they do, but they choose to remain silent, not putting forth any resistance whatsoever. .
Of course there are also other Americans who understand what’s happening, recognize the danger this poses to our rights and freedoms, and are doing everything in their power to try to stop this march toward an authoritarian government. The problem is that there are just too few of them to combat the massive power of the destructionists.
One thing for sure; it’s high time that the vast majority of Americans wake up and wake up fast or they will soon find themselves living in an American nightmare. This country and its Constitution were based on rights and freedoms that are swiftly being torn down as we speak.
Think not; think that this is some form of personal paranoia or a conspiracy to strike unnecessary fear into the hearts of the people of this country? Well just look around you, listen closely to the many inflammatory and reckless things being said and done by those in control. That our democracy is bleeding profusely from constant attacks could not be more evident.
But let’s talk specifics, not generalities. Where is the proof to back up this contention, where is the concrete evidence that our democracy is being dismantled? That will be shown in the following examples.
Of greatest importance and concern is that, to a large extent, the US Constitution is being rendered meaningless, irrelevant, at a time when adherence to it should be paramount.  It is the foundation of America and it should be considered sacred, not ignored and dismissed.
The Constitution created three separate branches of government, the legislative, the presidency, and the judicial. This president, Trump, doesn’t see it that way, he believes that as the president, he, should have the power to do what he, himself, believes is right. So with that in mind let’s discuss some of the ways by which he and Republicans, who go along with everything he says and does, are subverting our Constitution and tearing down our democracy.
Human rights, women’s rights: Trump has taken standard Republicans’ human rights violations and shifted them into high gear. Muslims in America have become an endangered species, he has placed a ban on their immigration from specific countries; he has suggested the closing of Mosques across America.
He has shown little to no regard for women’s rights; he has insulted and disparaged women in general, is regularly accused of being involved in sexual assaults, wants to restrict women’s reproductive rights, and even their access to contraceptives.
He signed an executive order that rolls back hard-fought victories for women in the workplace such as equal pay for equal responsibilities. He suggested that the budget for the National Domestic Violence Hotline be slashed, as well as that of violence against women programs.
And the Republicans second every motion he makes.
He withdrew U.S. participation in the UN’s Human Rights Council, a totally incomprehensible action.
Immigration: immigrants fleeing from extreme violence in Central American countries, trying to enter the US by asking for asylum, have been called criminals, been arrested, been separated from their children, with parents and children sent to separate detention centers and internment camps.
Trump has threatened to deport millions of undocumented immigrant workers who currently work in the farming, meat packing and other low pay industries in California, Florida and across this country. He has made it clear that he wants to end the DACA program that includes millions of immigrants who were brought to America as little children.
He has no use for these largely Hispanic immigrants and neither do Republicans. The way that this brutal, barbaric Trump-dominated government is dealing with this very complex immigration problem has now become an international disgrace.
War against the free press: he has called the national media and the free press the enemy of the American people, has denigrated the journalism profession, referred to its products as “fake news.”
If he had the power, and he in on a path to accumulate it, he would silence the free press and turn it into his own propaganda machine. The media/free press angers him when it continues to point out all his reckless actions and that he wants total control over America.
Authoritarian government: we might say that his quest for assuming total control is designed to lead to an authoritarian government in America; one in which he would answer to no one and dictate every policy and set every objective for this government and country.
How is he intending to assume this total control? Well, just look at all of these examples of his destructive actions against various entities and individuals in America and you will have your answer.
Corruption of our election process; ignoring the threat of Russia, GOP agenda of voter suppression: what could be more un-American than Trump’s strong support for Republicans’ aggressive agenda of voter suppression across America? He supports these anti-Constitutional actions to deprive specific elements of the American population, mostly minorities, of their right to vote.
What could be more un-American than Trump and the Republicans doing everything in their power to kill the Mueller investigation into Russian interference into our election system which U.S. intelligence agencies have unearthed? Trump seems to be the defense attorney for Putin and he’s doing a fabulous job.
It is highly likely that there was collusion between Russians and the Trump administration and we have seen Trump, with Republican’s support, throw every kind of roadblock at the Mueller investigation; that’s called obstruction.
Disparaging, denigrating key government agencies like the FBI and Justice Dept., questioning their integrity and competence. Trump, again strongly supported by his Republican lapdogs, has insulted and denigrated these key government agencies, their leadership, and much of their dedicated personnel.
He doesn’t just point out areas where they need to improve their procedures and correct problems but tries to make the case that certain individuals took questionable actions deliberately with malice of intent. He is painting them all with the same brush of unsupported accusations; this is guilt by association.
Nationalism, white supremacy; I think that the doctrine of nationalism and white supremacy are a large part of this national dilemma. Older Americans very much like Trump are terrified as they see the US population becoming much less Anglo Saxon with the rapid growth of minorities, especially Hispanics.
They don’t want this country going in that direction and they feel that they must try to stop this trend even though in their hearts they know it is impossible. But they will do down fighting in the attempt to maintain control.
So this is the current state of America, one in which the American democracy is rapidly being deceminated What are we going to do to stop this process and retain our democracy as the foundation of America?
We are rapidly approaching the November elections and let’s just say this; if the people do not rise up in great anger and say that enough is enough and this bleeding of our democracy must be stopped – and the Democratic leadership does not rise up and stand with them in every way to accomplish just that – then what I have described above as the implementation of an authoritarian government will follow.
There is no question but that what Robert Mueller does relative to reporting on his Russian investigation will be a huge factor in determining the fate of America’s bleeding democracy.
The November national elections could turn out to be the most important ones in modern history and very likely could be the last chance to save this nation’s bleeding democracy.
Here is what I believe that Mueller should, what he must do, in that regard:
It’s almost a certainty that he has accumulated a sizable amount of evidence that proves that collusion did in fact take place between Russians and the Trump administration; and there is no question but that Trump has tried in every way to obstruct and bring an end to the investigation. If Mueller had little to nothing of this kind of evidence I believe he would have ended it before this time.
It’s been said that Mueller must not announce any conclusions before this election because that could adversely influence its outcome. That is a false premise. Even if he does not produce a final report on his findings he should, at least, issue a preliminary report indicating his most important findings. 
The fate of our democracy hangs in the balance. If he has evidence that shows that certain actions by individuals in the Trump administration, or even by Trump himself, violated laws, the Constitution, and/or the principles of our democracy, then he has no choice; he must tell the American people exactly what they are. To wait in the midst of this national crisis is to court disaster.
This should not be his choice; he has a responsibility to uphold the Constitution and he will be doing exactly that if he informs the American people so that they are well versed in what is going on before they go to the polls.
Conversely, if he has nothing of real significance he must also convey that to the voters so that they take it into consideration.
Mueller has a clear obligation to do what is right for this country, its people, the Constitution and our democracy; and we the American people have that same obligation; to come to the aid of our democracy when it is under attack and struggling to survive.


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Michael Payne is an independent progressive activist. His writings deal with social, economic, political and foreign policy issues; and especially with the great dangers involved with the proliferation of perpetual war, the associated defense industry, and the massive control that Corporate America holds over this government and our election process; all which are leading this nation down the road to eventual financial ruin if the conditions are not reversed. He is a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois and a U.S. Army veteran.