Critically important for Mueller to present ‘a’ report by Sept. 1

Here is why there is such a great need for Mueller to publish some kind of report well before the November elections.

Image Credit: NY Mag
It would be great if Mueller would present a full report on the Russian investigation soon. But if he’s not ready to do that just yet then all he needs to do is present a preliminary report that informs Americans of what this investigation has determined thus far, i.e., a progress report.  
He doesn’t have to identify specific individuals that could be indicted but it’s important that he presents some specific evidence that will allay people’s mounting concerns that he really doesn’t possess any concrete evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice.
Actually, as far as obstruction goes, it could not be more clear that Trump has done that in spades. We have heard him make countless statements in the attempt to discredit the investigation and try to force Mueller to end it. Secondly, he has strongly pressured Attorney General Sessions and Rod Rosenstein, his deputy, to kill the investigation and even threatened to fire both.
If that is not obstruction of justice then what exactly might we call it?
Now, why is there such a great need for Mueller to publish some kind of report well before the November elections?
Well, Steve Schmidt, a very respected Republican who recently quit the Republican Party, answered that question quite well when he stated, “This 2018 election will be the most important in US history.” I think he is absolutely right.
So before the American people cast their votes it would be of great importance to them if Mueller would publish some kind of report. It will make all the difference in the world.  
He may or may not do it. But, either way, the American people must step up to do what is right for their country and remove the GOP from its control over Congress. If they fail then, as many expert observers are warning, our democracy could be dealt a lethal blow as our nation comes under the rule of an autocratic, authoritarian government.
This is what it’s all about; the people of this country cannot allow their democracy to be destroyed by the masters of control. It’s common knowledge that the first thing that those whose objective is to create an authoritarian government does is to take control of the free press.
Hitler and Mussolini were successful in doing just that and we know what happened thereafter. Stalin also did the same in Russia.
From the time Trump was elected he wasted no time in demeaning and discrediting America’s free press and the national media. His actions clearly indicate that he is determined to take control of America’s free press,  and he must be stopped.
The voters of America and the free press are the only obstacle standing in the way of the creation of this autocracy. Americans must understand that when they cast their votes they are, in effect, safeguarding our fragile democracy.
Republicans know full well what this president’s grand scheme to take total control of this country is all about, and they don’t dare to say or do anything in opposition. They now pledge allegiance to the doctrine of Trump and his policies and actions. And that’s exactly why they must go.
Joe Conason said: “with very few exceptions, Republicans in Washington watch mutely as the president of the United States dismantles our diplomatic and trade capacities, wrecks our international alliances, drives away our friends, dishonors our values, and destroys the prestige our country once enjoyed.”
I’m quite aware that there is a Democratic Blue Wave gathering momentum that is supposed to propel Democratic candidates Congress. I understand that much is being done at the grassroots level to get out the vote. That’s great but it’s not enough.
As Steve Schmidt said, this will be the most important election in US history. That means that the Democratic leadership, Pelosi, Schumer, and Tom Perez, head of the DNC, should take strong actions to see that this will be the greatest voter turnout in American history. If that happens the Republicans will go down in flames.
American voters need to fully understand how members of the Republican Party have clearly aided and abetted this president in portraying this Russian meddling as nothing to worry about, to try to make people think our democracy has not been attacked.
Perhaps Republicans can’t be accused of being complicit in obstruction of justice but they can, in the eyes of voters, be seen as being disloyal to their country.
Things are getting more and more bizarre as this president seems to be rapidly imploding. Just recently the American people witnessed something that was stunning, astounding, and incomprehensible.
The heads of America’s 5 top intelligence agencies made a White House presentation in which all of them unequivocally stated that there was no question whatsoever that the Russians had interfered in the 2016 election, that they had attacked our democracy, and are still doing it.
And they further said that they were going to do everything in their power to put a stop to it.
That same night I saw Trump speaking at a rally. He totally went against what these intelligence heads said about Russia infringement. He said that the entire Mueller investigation was a hoax. He doesn’t even hide the fact that he has no intention of doing anything about it.
That is unbelievable, incomprehensible. It adds greatly to the belief that this president is doing things against the best interests of this country. And what might we call that kind of disloyal behavior by an American president?
Such incomprehensible behavior by this president makes it imperative that Mueller issues some kind of report. The longer Mueller strings this investigation out the more he will give the naysayers the opportunity to say that he is stalling because he has no concrete proof of wrongdoing.
It’s amazing how Trump is not the least bit disturbed about the Russian hacking. He continues to refuse to accept what these intelligence agencies say happened and insists that Russia and Putin did nothing wrong. He has called Putin is a great leader who he greatly admires. He comes across as Russia’s and Putin’s defense attorney and a staunch defender. He appears to be groveling at the feet of Putin.
So the Democratic plan should be: In the 2018 elections remove Republicans from control. Of Congress. And then in 2020, complete the job and send Trump into political oblivion.


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