Progressive Briefing for Friday, August 10, 2018

Trump rule would give $2.5 billion tax cut to big bank fat cats, Judge blocks Trump administration from deporting asylum seekers, Argentina Senate votes against legalizing abortion, and more.


One year from Charlottesville: Hate is on the run – but still at the White House

We’re nearly one year from the tiki torch march and Unite the Right rally that ended with the death of Heather Heyer. Heather an activist was, and to paraphrase her mother – her death only amplified her message.

Argentina Senate votes against legalizing abortion

The bill that would have expanded abortion rights was rejected by Argentina’s Senate in the early hours of Thursday morning. The vote, which would have legalized elective abortion, was rejected 38 to 31 including two abstentions and one absentee.

The predominantly Catholic country outlaws abortion and only allows the procedure under current laws in cases of rape or risk to maternal health. But the issue of abortion continues to divide Argentine society.

‘Not acceptable:’ Judge blocks Trump administration from deporting asylum seekers – and threatens to hold Sessions in contempt

A federal judge in Washington on Thursday threatened to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt after the Trump Administration tried to deport a woman and her daughter during their deportation proceedings, the Washington Post reports.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan called the government’s effort “pretty outrageous” as he halted the deportation that was apparently already in progress.

Buried in the fine print, Trump rule would give $2.5 billion tax cut to big bank fat cats

As Wall Street banks continue to enjoy record profits thanks to President Donald Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax scam, Trump’s Treasury Department – headed by former Goldman Sachs executive Steve Mnuchin – quietly moved to hand big banks yet another major gift on Wednesday by hiding a $2.5 billion tax cut in the fine print of an “esoteric” new rule proposal (pdf).

At first glance, the Trump administration’s rule appeared to be little more than a mundane set of regulations aimed at providing owners of so-called pass-through businesses everything they “need to comply with the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” as Reuters put it.

‘We don’t need hope. We need action:’ Watch first trailer of Michael Moore’s documentary on Trump’s America

Provided exclusively to the Huffington Post and then posted online Thursday morning, the first trailer of Michael Moore’s upcoming film “Fahrenheit 11/9” reveals the filmmaker’s attempt at making sense of the rise and reign of President Donald Trump.

The ultimate message of film – which Moore describes as a “comedy/horror documentary” – appears to be a bridge between the argument that Trump presents an existential and unique threat and this message to those who oppose him: Stop despairing. Stop hoping for a magic solution that will thwart him. Start organizing. Start acting.


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