An unholy alliance: Trump, Putin, Kim Jung-Un, and Mohammed bin Salman

“An alliance which is perceived as unnatural, unusual, or simply undesirable, sometimes between seemingly antagonistic parties.”

Image Credot: Sofya Levina. Images by Spencer Platt/Getty Images, KCNA/Getty Images, Alexandros Avramis/Getty Images.

When in the history of this country have we ever had a president who, in a very short time after being elected, has created alliances with dictators, despots of the highest order,

Never until now, as we now have one that has joined with, Russia’s Putin, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, and Mohammed bin Salman, aka, MbS, the Saudia Arabian crown prince, in creating what can rightly be called an unholy alliance;, a term defined as, “an alliance which is perceived as unnatural, unusual, or simply undesirable, sometimes between seemingly antagonistic parties”

I was thinking of using a less controversial title for this article such as found in the old saying,  “Birds of a feather flock together”. But that would not accurately describe how these 4 individuals seem to be bonded together.

Why is it that Trump sides with these tyrants when they are accused of doing something terribly wrong? That is very difficult to determine but there are a few reasons to consider. In the case of Putin, it seems to be relative to financial connections in which Russian oligarchs provided funds for his real estate business. Reportedly, they came to his aid to help him to deal with one or more of his four bankruptcies.

In one form of repayment, after it became known that Russia had clearly hacked and interfered in the 2016 elections, Trump has dismissed that attack on our election system and has done nothing whatsoever to take steps to make certain that it can never happen again. How could an American president be so unresponsive to such an intrusion into this nation’s affairs?

Trump seems to have this submissive, subservient relationship with these despots. He often comes across as the defense attorney and chief apologists for them. He has shown he is strongly committed to this unholy alliance.

In the case of Kim, Trump embraced him during their meeting in Singapore. He went overboard to show his great respect and admiration for this North Korean totalitarian and cruel oppressor of his people.

It may be because Kim knows something that would be highly damaging to Trump. Who knows, that’s a very murky situation and more than a bit strange.

Various news organizations have quoted Trump as saying “He (Kim) wrote me beautiful letters,” and during a rally in Wheeling, West Virginia, he said that they’re great letters. “We fell in love.” How can he say that when this North Korean leader has been building a nuclear threat against America over some time and continues to enhance it?

Now to his relationship with MsB, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Trump wasn’t the least bit interested or concerned when he was informed that Saudi Arabia and MbS were accused of carrying out the murder and dismemberment of Saudi citizen and American resident, Jamal Khashoggi, also a contributing writer for the Washington Post.

Trump believed the Saudi statement that Khashoggi was killed when he got into a fight at the Saudi Arabian embassy. That’s as far-fetched as it can be but Trump, shortly after he heard it, said, that he felt that it was a credible explanation. What crap!

Does he demand to know where the body is or if it was actually dismembered? Nope, he just accepts the word of those who rule this terrorist country.

He said it was a very brutal act by “someone” and when it was pointed out to him that indications were that Mohammed bin Salman had given the orders for the murder, Trump immediately took on the role of his defender.

When the CIA, those “spooks,” who seem to know everything going on in the world, indicated that they had evidence that MbS had given such an order, Trump just dismissed it completely and then said that, “maybe he did and maybe he didn’t”, and then added that he had no intention of placing strong sanctions on that nation and would not significantly reduce military sales to it.

Why would he do this and protect that rogue country from guilt in this matter? It’s simply because of American manufacturer’s mega-billions in sales of weaponry to Saudi Arabia, its great impact on the supply and price for oil, and, almost certainly, his personal financial dealings with it relative to his real estate business.

Saudi Arabia is one of America’s most valued allies, so we are told. This is a country that has been bombing the hell out of the tiny country of Yemen for some years and is killing men, women, and children mercilessly. And guess which country has been supporting the Saudis in this massive cruelty?

The U.S. military has been supporting the Saudis with weaponry they are using in the attacks on that country as well as refueling their jets. Recently the refueling has been curtailed but the other support is still active. This has been happening during the Obama and Trump presidencies and it must now stop!

As troublesome as Trump’s relationships with these three despots may be, do we ever hear Republicans speaking out against them? They are like the Three Wise Monkeys and the famous saying, “ see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” They watch him bend laws and lie constantly. They know he has highly questionable relations with these three alliance members. But they just look the other way; that’s moral cowardice.

Democrats should have been much more vocal in their criticisms of these connections but since they have been the minority party in both the House and the Senate they have no power and have remained largely silent. Now that they control the House there will be comprehensive investigations by three major committees and Trump’s personal and financial dealings will be thoroughly examined.

What is it that seems to be a common trait among the 4 members of this unholy alliance? Their leaders are all natural born authoritarians with an obsession to control. The three foreign dictators have complete control over their countries and the people. Trump does not have that degree of control but he is working hard to gain it.

What is one of the first things that the creators of an authoritarian government do, what the three other members of this alliance have already done long ago? They take control of the media, the free press, they silence it, muzzle its journalists, and turn it into their mouthpieces.

Trump is on the way of doing that very thing as he calls the media’s output fake news, and calls them the enemies of the people; he insults journalists and even makes veiled threats of violence against them. And he needs to be stopped in his tracks.

Of course, American presidents should work with other countries and their leaders, even with those who might pose a threat to this country, to try to maintain peace in the world. But, they should not be bowing down to dictators like Trump is clearly doing. No other U.S. presidents have stooped to this low point in their presidencies.

In contrast to this strong alliance with these three countries that have dictator-types as their leaders, Trump has had less than close, friendly relations with some of America’s most important allies, in particular, Britain, France, and Germany.

He doesn’t get along well with them very well, he doesn’t give them proper respect, and he and President Macron of France don’t see eye to eye, not at all. Trump has ruined any number of important meetings with them with his strange, unruly behavior, including acting like he was bored or disinterested. And that’s a very dangerous path to take with important allies.

Protecting and defending the nefarious actions of dictators and tyrants, that is certainly not an honorable thing for a U.S. president to do. Well, that’s what happens when you have a less than honorable president in the White House.

You can be sure that Trump will continue to be a charter member of this unholy alliance and stay close to his dictator associates. To force him to leave it to will be difficult but not impossible. There are two entities that can do it and in a coordinated way.

They are Robert Mueller, the Special Prosecutor, who has very likely developed damning evidence in the Russian investigation, together with the soon to be Democratic committee investigations in the U.S. House. I am confident that the combined evidence that the two will have developed will not only force this president to leave this alliance but will force him out of office. And it can’t happen too soon for the sake of this country and its people.



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