The progressive speech

This will be perhaps the most important speech to be made during the 2020 campaign.


This is a speech which I imagine being given once Bernie Sanders joins Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard in a run for the presidency. It is a speech given by each of the candidates after they meet and form the Progress Branch of the Democratic Party. This will be perhaps the most important speech to be made during the 2020 campaign.

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I am both proud and happy to be here.  Although I am making this speech, both of my companions in arms will be making the same speech.  In other words, you are about to hear a speech by Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  We have written this speech together, even as we have written together the political platform upon which we are all running.

Let me give you examples of the important policies and changes to the American way of governing which we all support.  Single-payer healthcare, otherwise called Medicare for All.  The Sanders Institute has recently released a study showing that Medicare for All can make government healthcare universal, and at a cost 10% lower than the system under which we are presently suffering

Education which is free for all through university education, so that our children will each have the highest and best education and our society will be trained to the highest standards.  And there will be no college debt, which presently costs $1.4 trillion.

An end to income and wealth inequality.  We will have increased income taxes on the wealthy and a wealth tax which will help pay for the other programs which we are going to institute.

Getting big money out of politics and restoring democracy.  Combating climate change to save the planet.  We are supporting the Green New Deal which we and other members of the Democratic Party have been promoting.  Fighting for Women’s Rights, Affordable Housing and a living wage.  Obtaining lower prescription drug prices.  Reforming Wall Street.  Ending war and maintaining peace. 

How can we achieve these goals politically?  To do so, we must band together and make our party and its members understand that the three of us are running together to insure that one of us is the presidential nominee and will carry our platform to victory in November 2020.

I am running for president.  But so are my two comrades.  We will each obtain votes in the primaries, and we shall each have supporters at the Democratic National Convention.  With all of the candidates running, we do not expect that a Presidential nominee will be chosen on the first ballot.  Therefore, our supporters will vow to vote for the candidate among the three of us that have the most votes on the first ballot.  This will assure that each of the voters for Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren will have their vote count for the strongest progressive voice in our party.

And if one of us is chosen as nominee, then the other two will be awarded an office of importance in the new government.  And during the election campaign, all three of us will still be working hard to make progressive ideas the new ideas of the nation.

Thank you, and God Bless America.

* * * *

The point of this speech is to show that Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard have joined together to make their joint platform and not their individual personalities the important thing in the election.  One of them hopefully will be president.  And the other two will continue on as part of the same team.  In other words, their jointly held ideas as progressives will move forward.


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